Saturday, December 20, 2008

Expletive Deleted

Written By D.

Deep Throat has passed away, many people never heard of Deep Throat, Watergate was a long time ago. Except for a few radicals, still clinging to Watergate, Richard Nixon’s legacy has been pretty much rehabilitated, especially in the area he cared most about, foreign policy. He wasn’t that great with the economy, but he knew his world politics.

Besides the word “impeachment” doesn’t have the same sting to it, after all when Clinton was actually impeached (Nixon never was) people yawned about it. Plus, there have been so many more significant crimes and scandals committed by the Democrats since Watergate that it really is quite insincere for liberals to try and take the high road and get all huffy about Tricky Dick. It seems like our Presidents can get away with anything these days if they are Democrats.

My one very liberal friend used to bring up Watergate every time I talked to him, which was more tiresome than anything. But even he got the message when I finally broke down and warned him that if he brought up Watergate ever again, I would counter with the Clinton impeachment every time.

I grew up with Nixon in politics. I don’t remember politics without him. I always felt sorry for him because he seemed to be a fish out water with people. I don’t know if he was shy or felt inferior or what, I just sensed that he did not enjoy being in the public spotlight, it was the backroom that he longed for where he could play the ultimate world chess match with his considerable talent in strategy and tactics.

Nixon actually defined the modern Vice-President. He traveled the world as Ike’s eyes and ears. He was a real participant in government, not just a stand-by. And who can forget the Kitchen Debate?

Many people who don’t know their history, may not realize that Nixon actually won the 1960 Election, but Chicago politics stole it from him with “mucho” voter fraud and it was an openly known fact. He was urged to contest the election, but he refused on the grounds that it would damage the country.

After he lost the 1962 California Governor’s race, the press were told they wouldn’t have Dick to “kick around anymore.” But I knew he wouldn’t be able to stay away. Times change and 1968 was his time. He won big in both ’68 and ’72.

But then, Watergate was never about Watergate. It was about Alger Hiss. The socialists in government had been out to get him for a very long time. Nixon teamed up with ex-communist spy Whittaker Chambers and blew Hiss out of the water. Exposing the communists in government really upset them and their friends in the press. Their first attempt at destroying Nixon in 1952 by making his perfectly legal “so called slush” fund into an issue backfired mightily on the press when he pulled off the Checkers speech and he cruised into the Vice-Presidency.

They finally nailed him on a two bit break-in and made the cover-up sound like a really big deal, when it was really only politics as usual in DC (The Democrats broke into the GOP HQ more than once.) Was it wrong? Yes. Was it important? Not really.

The socialists finally got their pound of flesh. But so did Nixon. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it was proven conclusively that Hiss was a communist spy, despite Hiss spending a lifetime of proclaiming his innocence.

As for Deep Throat, who apparently was passed over for head of the FBI by Nixon but denies it had anything to do with illegally ratting out Nixon during Watergate, well I doubt anyone will remember him, except a few historians. He apparently got indicted later for illegal break-ins into the homes of members of the Weather Underground The libs in the Carter Administration went after him, but Reagan pardoned him and Nixon approved of the pardon and even contributed money to his defense. There is some kind of irony in that pardon. The most amusing thing about it is Deep Throat’s daughter convincing him to come out of the closet with his identity so he could make money with a book deal. I didn’t bother reading that book, I set a higher standard for people to qualify as my heroes.

Deep Throat gave Woodward and Bernstein their ten minutes of fame, but except for an old movie, no one will remember them either. It is probably because they are unimportant. I don’t read any of their stuff either, nor do I read the Washington Post.

The reason I have not mentioned Deep Throat’s real name throughout this writing is simple, it is not really important enough to mention. But I do think Deep Throat’s family should thank Nixon’s family as well as the entire country for the money they made on the book deal. That was a lot of grief we all had to go through because one man violated the trust of the government position he held. There were legal ways to go about addressing Watergate, but he chose to do his business in the shadows. I wouldn't choose to be in a foxhole with this guy, ever. But Nixon would be welcome in my foxhole anytime.

I’ll remember Nixon best for ending the draft thereby effectively ending the college protest movement. It disappeared overnight because he knew it wasn’t really about the war, it was about the draft and the possibility of being sent to fight in the war. Thanks to Dick, the socialists haven’t been able to get a good protest movement going since then. So I guess Tricky Dick gets the last laugh.

I read the complete transcripts of the Nixon tapes and my favorite part is still all the “expletive deleted.” I guess that is the term I would use in describing my feelings about Deep Throat.

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Anonymous said...

haven't seen the movie "Nixon/Frost" yet, really want too, though. I think from now, I'm just gonna walk around and say "Expletive" when I want to say 'Expletive'...then someone will say "What did you just say?' and I'll say "oh, I'm sorry, that expletive was deleted." Hopefully, this will make me a better Christian...hopefully.

Geri said...

I love reading your posts, you are very informed and offer a lot of really valuable insights. I have not delved into the Nixon controversy much, but have always felt like he got the raw end of the deal. It's amazing to see how far our politicians have fallen since then, what happened to create such an uproar with Nixon is chicken scratch compared to the illegal acts being perpetrated on the American people today.



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