Sunday, March 1, 2009

Socialist Blitzkrieg

Written By D.

Blitzkrieg as defined at Wikipedia; “an all-mechanized force concentrating its attack on a small section of the enemy front then, once the latter is pierced, proceeding without regard to its flank.”

In World War II, The French & English were defeated in the Battle of France by Blitzkrieg.

Right now we are experiencing the Socialist political equivalent of Blitzkrieg. The liberals are concentrating on quickly destroying capitalism and enacting laws that will restrict our freedoms by using a highly mechanized force of the like-minded. This is aimed at forcing highly unpopular government taxes and controls on the rest of us – the silent majority.

Traditional politics as played by the GOP is like a Maginot Line whose purpose is defensive. The Low Countries (RINOs) are a weak spot. The Ardennes is the unattended forest of issues attacking our basic rights because freedom, taken for granted until now, seemed unnecessary to defend and impossible to break through.

Well folks, the tanks are rolling right over the Low Countries and they are breaking through the Ardennes. The Maginot Line is being flanked. This is not traditional politics we are facing … this is Socialist Blitzkrieg.

Do you think maybe it is time to do something? And I don’t mean retreat to the coast and hope that ships will come along and carry us to safety. In this battle for freedom no ships will be coming to save us. Yep, it’s time to take a stand, it is time to move forward and go on the political offensive.

What can the Conservatives & the GOP do to defeat the Blitzkrieg?

1. STOP the GOP mea culpa talk immediately. Our leaders need to take the philosophical fight to the enemy, and end the “girlie man” self recriminations.

2. DEVELOP a clear, simple message that is easily understood by all and keep repeating it

3. ABANDON the Maginot Line defensive attitude and go on the attack in a unified manner. The Tea Parties are a good start in the right direction.

4. IGNORE MSM criticism completely, this is no time to be sensitive about what the people who hate your guts and are out to destroy you think

5. USE the conservative websites, blogs and social media to share and spread the message

6. KEEP UP the pressure on elected representative at the state and federal level. Start putting that same pressure on the judicial branch, let them know you are watching and start calling for the resignations of judges who ignore our Constitution.

7. FOCUS your criticism and stop prefacing them with complements about speaking ability or intellect. Remember where the buck stops and that’s where you focus, forget the other lib clowns, for now. If the last 8 years were Bushes fault, then everything from here on out is O’s fault.

8. REMEMBER this is not about you it is about the “US” in USA, so put aside any pettiness or power trips and work together.

9. TALK to anyone who will listen, remember you are “PROUD TO BE A CONSERVATIVE” and unafraid to share its philosophy. You can start by asking people if they are better off now than they were a month ago and keep adding to it as the months go by.

10. VOTE in every election like your freedom depends on it and make sure all your like-minded family and friends get out and vote

11. JUST say no to compromise that isn’t bipartisan and to legislation that robs you of your freedom and your money.

Just remember, the French & English lost the Battle of France to Blitzkrieg, but the Americans won the Battle of the Bulge ( because when the Germans tried the same type of Blitzkrieg tactics again in the Ardennes, the U.S. 101st Airborne Division and General McAuliffe, though surrounded, held out, kept fighting and famously said, "NUTS!" in response to German demands for surrender. General Patton arrived with the 3rd Army to relieve them – proving Blitzkrieg works both ways. Four months later the war was over, Hitler was gone and so was his brand of Socialism.

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