Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Written By D.

So many people are outraged about the corporate bailouts. I’m wondering why they aren’t outraged about individual bailouts.

If you turn on the TV these days, you can’t watch for more than 15 minutes, without a viewing a commercial explaining how, if you contact their toll free number, they can help you cheat the government out of the taxes you owe, paying only pennies on the dollar. It goes something like; “Wow, I owed the government $50,000 in back taxes, but I went to SO & SO Company and they settled my debt for only $1,000!”

And how about those credit card debts? No problem, you can call a toll free number and they will show you how to unload your debt WITHOUT hurting your credit rating. “Wow, I owed $10,000 in credit card debt, but thanks to SO & SO Company, I don’t have to pay it!”

Who are these commercials aiming at? My guess is they’re aimed at individuals looking to bailout of personal debt.

Now, if someone doesn’t pay the income taxes they owe, who do you think picks up the slack? If someone doesn’t pay their credit card debt, who pays? Yep, it’s the rest of us. And now we will be bailing out homeowners with big mortgages they can’t afford and giving tax relief to people who don’t pay taxes.

People are doing a lot of complaining about companies and government acting irresponsibly, but in many ways they just mirror what our society is becoming. Personal responsibility used to be something people took pride in, now acting responsibly is just for us suckers. Trouble is, there are fewer and fewer of us suckers left to pick up the tab.

I hear complaints all the time about kids going off to college and being “sucked in” by credit card companies. They ring up thousands of dollars in charges and surprise, they can’t pay the debt. But no one told them to accept the credit card and charge up all that debt, they did that all on their own. Yet, who is at fault? Yep, blame the credit card company.

But the kids are just mirroring their parents self gratifying behavior … no one told them to buy the big house they can’t afford. No one told them to buy the car they can’t afford. No one told them to buy all those big screen TVs and gadgets they can’t afford. I don’t own a big screen TV and my home is not huge, but I don’t have a mortgage and I paid for my kid’s very expensive college education. I achieved both by working hard and saving money. Oh yea, and I also took the time to teach my kid personal responsibility.

So, when I hear people complaining about the bailouts, saying things like, “Where’s my bailout?” I realize that the grasshoppers are taking over the anthill and I really don’t have much sympathy because I’m one of the ants. I am a charitable person but I would never choose “The Society to Assist Irresponsible Grasshoppers” as my favorite charity. I prefer donating to real victims of disasters that are not of their own making.

When a society rewards irresponsible personal behavior and votes for the politician offering the most government goodies they are in no position to complain about corporate bailouts. If those whining grasshoppers want to know what’s wrong with our government and the economy, I suggest they start by looking in the mirror.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Written By D.

Ever wonder why 18 wheelers blow so many tires? It is because they use retreads.
When the retread portion of the tire separates, it spreads debris all over the highway and can pose a real danger to other drivers who swerve to avoid it.

They told us voters that if we supported McCain we’d get four more years of Bush. They didn’t mention that voting for them would get us four more years of Clinton, Wilson and FDR.

Turns out the old Wilson/FDR agenda of the man from “Hope” is the “change” they were talking about. It only makes sense to dredge up former Clinton staffers if you are promoting the Wilson/FDR agenda. After all, no one understands it better than they do.

Give credit where credit is due. The offerings of change from the left are all the same old retreads of the Wilson and FDR “control the folks through bigger government agenda.” There is nothing new about seeing a crisis as an opportunity to promote a socialist agenda, higher taxes, youth indoctrination, the WPA and the media spinning it all as “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

The Clinton retreads are the real winners of the election. If only they had lived to see this day, the Wilson and FDR staffers would have been so proud of them.

Looks like we are all going to have to be careful for the next four years and try to avoid being hit with the flying debris from the left. Hope your defensive driving skills are sharp.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Evidently Sara Palin pardoning a turkey in Wassilla, Alaska Friday was big news. To me news is the progress that we are making in Iraq but of course that is rarely reported on in the dominate liberal media.
No, news to liberal media types is Sara Palin pardoning a turkey. After the pardon took place she gave an interview and in the background a turkey is in the "process" of becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I happen to be a conservative woman and a vegan. So no, I will not be eating turkey on Thanksgiving day, or any other day.
But what I find offensive in the coverage of this "story" is not the turkey, but the fact that it is a story at all. Where do liberals think that the meat at the grocery store or their favorite restaurant comes from? I wonder how many of the people reporting and commenting on this story will be eating turkey themselves on Thursday? I wonder if the President Elect will be eating turkey on Thanksgiving, maybe someone should ask him. Would the President Elect eating turkey make Sara Palin less offensive to liberals? Probably not. No, this is just another attack on Sara Palin.
The message here is clear. Sara Palin is a conservative female politician and that is what is unacceptable to liberals. Liberals feign such horror over the slaughtering of a turkey and are "pro choice"? There are certainly things about liberals I will never understand.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Written By D.

I heard that there were Democrats out there during the election encouraging folks to vote twice because the election was “stolen” from them in 2000. They try to justify encouraging illegal behavior by saying it is “only fair” they be allowed to vote more than once this time to even the score. In the first place, the 2000 election has become the stuff of liberal fantasy. What really happened in 2000 was that we refused to let them steal the election AGAIN.

They are either too young or too stupid to remember 1960. Nixon won that election, but it was stolen away by voter fraud. Nixon was urged to contest it but he refused, because he believed it would throw the country into turmoil. It is no surprise that Chicago played a major part in that fraud.

I have asked myself; What can I learn from this election and how can the next one be made better?

We can’t do much about the things we have no control over. For instance, we can’t control the media and make them honest.

There is one thing we can control. We can fight the voter fraud. This election gives us the perfect opportunity to start a discourse and a campaign all across this country to demand fair elections. Voter fraud has had the light of day shown on it this year as never before. Americans would be very foolish to ignore it.

No one knows how many illegal votes were cast in this election, but I believe it was massive. I don’t know about you, but that makes me angry. The arrogance of those who are committing the fraud is based on our past behavior because it is assumed, and rightfully so, that we will not do anything about it. They are flaunting our election laws, using the liberal courts to back up their illegal activities and WE LET THEM.

Our party has been victim of this fraud for many years and I see this as a rare opportunity to begin to rid our country of the massive voter fraud committed by those who have sought to corrupt our political system. We are going to have to demand that our party and our elected officials act and the only way that will happen is if we come together and keep the pressure on them, especially at the state level.

Addressing voter fraud is one of the most important issues facing our country because it threatens our freedom. It is too important to ignore. It won’t just go away on its own, but it can and will get worse if we turn a blind eye toward it.

Something is fundamentally wrong and we need to correct it. When polled, Americans time and time again overwhelmingly support voter photo ID. Yet, when I searched for a voter fraud website, I couldn’t find a serious one (if anyone here knows of one, please give me the link.) I encourage all conservative websites to take up this cause and get involved. Please consider addressing what we can all do to fight voter fraud and keep it on the front burner. This is not a part time endeavor to be fretted over, acted upon during the election, complained about after the election and then forgotten until the next election.

This needs to be a full time effort and we need our party to make it a top priority all the time. Please encourage the RNC to establish a full time voter fraud unit that works to support a tightening of state laws and requires voter photo ID. They could use the massive email list of the RNC to let people know who to contact when state legislation is introduced that requires our support. This unit could host seminars, especially in swing states, training people in state election law and how to combat and report fraud. These people would then become a knowledgeable on the ground team working during elections. They also need to pursue punishment for those who seek to intimidate voters at polling places.

Weak knees, that collapse when the laws are challenged by accusatory words like “disenfranchised” won’t make it happen. It’s time for the squirrels to clean up the acorns.

Always protect your freedom, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Written By D.

When I woke up this morning and checked my email I noticed one from the RNC that offered me a Teddy Bear named “Nick” in return for a $35.00 contribution … and for a $150.00 contribution I could COLLECT ALL SIX stuffed animals … “Nick, Max, Maxine, Patrick, Victor & Sam “… in the RNC collection! (I don’t want to even get into the fact that only one out of the six has a female name … yea, better not to go there D.)

First I checked to make sure it wasn’t an email from Macy’s … nope, it was from the RNC alright. I got to wondering if this was a specific fundraising appeal aimed at women (and men looking to buy something cute for their wives or daughters.) But that thought was too horrible for my intelligence to contemplate … yea, better not go there either D.

This year I contributed to four different GOP Congressional and Senate races at the federal level, not one of them offered me a Teddy Bear. Sucker that I am, I should have held out for a Teddy Bear, but I was undeterred in my support of the conservative agenda. I gave because those candidates were real conservatives and appeared to share my values. They appealed to me for a contribution in the good old fashioned way of political fundraising … on the issues.

Silly me, here I am seeking better representation for my contribution dollars when I could give the RNC mother ship $35.00 and get “Nick,” PLUS a vague promise to build the party from the grassroots up … AS WELL AS an effort to block the left wing agenda! Wow, I’m going to get all that for only $35.00? Heck, “Nick” must be worth $3.50 alone, add in the mailing costs and I get the party back on its feet for only $29.50 … what a bargain.

Trouble is, they didn’t give me any specifics or even try to appeal to my intelligence. They didn’t address how, or even if, they were going to fight voter fraud or what kind of an effort they were going to launch to assist in party building among our youth. Not to mention what they are going to do to save our IRAs and 401ks from taxation and possible confiscation, or cut the budget, or stop pork barrel spending, or stopping bailouts … etc., etc. You get what I am driving at here.

Yes RNC, even us Gals are interested in the issues and our fundraising efforts should be built upon offering intelligent answers to the many major issues facing our party and our country. I like Teddy Bears, but if I want one, I’ll go to Macy’s.

No wonder there are tens of thousands of frustrated GOP supporters out there blogging their hearts out with criticisms of our party’s structure and need for revamping, hoping that their party will hear their voices and actually do something about it. I’ve seen dozens of good suggestions … helloooo is anyone listening?

Want my money? Then tell me specifically what you intend to do with it to promote the Conservative agenda.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Written By D

If you have children or helped raise younger siblings, you will understand that toddlers like to push the envelope, especially male toddlers. That is why despite the fact that, when he was a toddler, I told my younger brother NOT TO EVER stick anything in an electrical outlet, he took a kitchen knife and tried to do it anyway. I caught him in time and he is lucky to still be here.

Well, I see Liberals as the toddlers of the political world. They are the group that never grew out of the terrible twos. Conservatives are the parents that have to keep a constant vigilant eye on their behavior to save the Libs and the rest of us from the negative effects of their behavior.

The Libs don’t even bother to disguise their immaturity. They rant and rave, make ugly faces, throw temper tantrums and whine hoping this behavior will win the day. If that doesn’t work they use the “I hate you!” method every parent will recognize. If that doesn’t work, they very often try to get away with whatever they want to do when you aren’t looking. They have shown time and again for the past 90 years that no trick, no matter how dirty, is below them in their efforts to pursue their socialist one world agenda.

The extreme left try to disguise themselves as enlightened intellectuals, but most of the garbage they write (example: “Kill Your Parents”) could have been written in crayon by an angry child. And their bullying can be seen on any playground during recess. I think of all the things they say they want, not unlike children, rebellion is what they crave most.

They push us and test our limits, constantly offering all kinds of off the wall legislation, daring us to try and stop them. Unfortunately, over the years, many Conservative parents have caved into the pressure just to get them off their backs. They have tried to meet them halfway on their crazy schemes and so we are dragged further and further into the lefto abyss. Our skills definitely need an infusion of “just say no” parenting. Parents must always consistently stick to their principles because as with any child given an inch, they’ll try to take a mile.

And while no one in their right mind would allow two year olds to run the country that is what we are about to experience. The Id and the Ego will be in play, but without a Superego to constrain them if they actually achieve a 60 vote majority, the toddlers will be in complete control.

And without enough Conservative parents to stop them, all manner of havoc will break loose. Irresponsible self-gratification will rule the day. (This should keep the folks who hand out Darwin Awards very busy.)

Every parent knows that toddlers should not be given control over their world because they have very little self-control, most aren’t even potty trained. Heaven knows what will become of our country with no one to stop them. We can definitely count on much higher taxes and the new definition of rich will be anybody who has anything worth taking. But I get the creepy feeling taxes are only the tip of their iceberg.

That is why I urge you to be a good Conservative parent and support Saxby Chambliss in his run-off election. We are going to need every Conservative vote in the Senate that we can muster. The toddlers are focusing their time and money on this race big time. You can contribute to his campaign at http://www.saxby.org/

The Left is standing at the electrical outlet with their kitchen knife in hand, and if we don’t try to stop them they won’t be the only ones who end up suffering the consequences of their bad behavior.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Written By D

I just read that the Dems got 66% of the youth voter turnout. Sixty-six percent, that is, of the small total of young voters who bothered to vote at all.

Now, the pundits want to spin this as the GOP in a downward spiral. They tell us we will suffer for generations because we have lost the youth vote. Our party offers nothing … we are in crisis … yadda, yadda, yak, yak, etc., etc.


Remember that big youth turnout that the liberals were touting … it didn’t materialize. Despite the fact that Libs spent plenty of time and money trying to inspire, buy and brainwash our young people, by overwhelming numbers they yawned and were totally underwhelmed. LESSON: Don’t ever believe that a few thousand loud mouthed radical leftos (LMRL) speak for the majority of our young people because they don’t.

If you lived through the Sixties you understand that those chaotic campus protests were never composed of more than a few thousand LMRL who espoused Marx, but mostly never bothered to actually read him. The success of their small movement was based on anti-war sentiment, the draft, media sympathy and, to some extent, the chance to smash things and get free sex and drugs. The minute Dick Nixon eliminated the draft, the party was over. I still believe this was one of the two smartest things Nixon ever did for America because once again, peace and quiet spread over the land.

I remember they tried to once again kick start their radical movement on campuses when “W.” went to war. They dredged up some old hippie professors who were still stoned on their nostalgia from the Sixties and tried to rally our youth to protest the war. It fizzled big time. They could never get more than a thousand people to march even in Boston, the left college capital of the world. So the press just made up numbers to provide cover for their big flop. Polling data at the time actually showed that the vast majority of young people supported the war.


Without any prompting, money, support or encouragement from the Republican Party, 34% of the youth turnout still voted for the GOP. That is astounding. Despite LMRL get in your face, we have cool rock concerts and parties, t-shirts, a big campus organization and you GOP losers don’t have anything, 34% still went out and voted GOP … AND, ABOUT 85% didn’t vote at all.

That is a lot of young people refusing to drink the Red Star Laced Kool-Aid. And, that is good news for us and bad news for the LMRL. So before you begin believing there is a big youth movement to the left, consider the real numbers.


The Republican National Committee finally comes to their senses and actually focuses some of their attention and money on building up support among young people and making them feel welcome in our party … not because they can be counted on to vote in larger numbers today, but because they will vote in larger numbers in the future.

They can start doing common sense things, like stop calling someone in their 40’s a Young Republican. Last time I checked, forty is middle aged. What does someone who is twenty years old have in common with someone who is forty? Not much. Face it RNC, Young Republicans are people 18 to 25 years old.

How about starting by creating a website just for Young Republicans that is actually geared to their interests? Oh yea, and make it entertaining because the current website even bores me. Then, how about going through the voter records and identifying all people 18 to 25 years old who are Registered Republicans … mailing them a postcard with a website address asking them to join the site for free. The only rule for joining is you must be a Registered Republican and it will be verified through the site. Include politics but also things like meet-ups and yes, even dating … in other words help the Young Republicans find each other so they will know they are not alone. We have to let our young people know we care about them and their interests. Let the left offer them boring idol worship and indoctrination, while we offer them freedom of expression and fun.

There is plenty that can be done but the main point is, appeal to the young in ways that appeal to them and leave the indoctrination to the left.

RNC PLEASE WAKE UP – There are a lot of young people waiting to hear from you, don’t let them down, reward their loyalty and quite possibly you will expand their ranks.


If you share my belief that our young people are an important part of our party, I urge you to contact the RNC and tell them about it. You can send them your ideas and suggestions at

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Betcha

written by D

It seems quite a few of the elite folks on the left and many RINOS are very disturbed by Sarah Palin. There is no end to the criticism of her hair, make-up, clothing, family, lifestyle and intelligence.

I find most interesting the attempt to connect comments about her choice of words and manner of speaking to her intelligence. The Palin critics seem to be giving her a failing grade on the vocabulary portion of their Northeastern Intellectual Litmus Test.

But let’s face it, that is not what is really bothering them. Ever notice liberals only believe there are two classes of people worth mentioning; the rich and the poor? When Sarah Palin spoke to the middle class and inspired them, it drove the left insane, to the point where it acquired the title of “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” Good common sense, plain language, real world solutions and a positive attitude threaten the very fabric of their existence. But in the upside down world of the liberal, normal is abnormal.

The fear is real and palpable that is why they continue their assault on her despite the fact that the election battle is over. Sarah Palin is not elite and heaven forbid if middle class women act up and support one their own for the highest office. They think people who talk like Palin are supposed to park the cars of the liberal elite and the RINOS. They are supposed to wait tables in their favorite restaurants and hold doors open for them. They are to be treated with polite, respectable contempt and given a tip for their services. THEY ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO LEAD.

After all, using middle class productivity to enrich themselves while belittling and subjugating them has always been one of their preoccupations. That is why they are so supportive of preventing middle class success through regulation and taxation. A friend, speaking of the liberal elites, once said to me, “They want you to work hard and aim to succeed, but do all in their power to see that you do not actually succeed.”

That is why I have always thought that the middle class is the “feminine” among our class structure. Like women, they are expected to hold everything together while being vilified and denied basic credit for their efforts. And like women, the middle class are supposed to be seen and not heard. That makes Palin, who is middle class and a woman, the double threat. I guess they figure if they destroy Palin the rest of us middle class women will head for hills in fear.

But they underestimate us. Those large, adoring crowds at Palin rallies only got larger and drove the elites crazy because they saw it as a threat and a possible new movement in the making. The many tens of thousands of people who have come to the defense of Sara Palin on the Internet is cause for great concern among them. She has rallied so many women to her defense because they can identify with her. Their attacks on her have only backfired and they couldn't stem the tide of her popularity.

They don’t understand the middle class and the precarious balancing act between poverty and wealth that we live everyday of our lives. Sarah Palin is a middle class hero for women because she personifies our hopes, dreams, values and common sense. Her vocabulary speaks to us and we understand it. The ridicule of Palin is really the ridicule of middle American women . . . and that is a point that middle American women are quite savvy enough to understand.

The middle class is facing massive tax increases, small business failures with resulting higher unemployment, greater restrictions on personal liberties, and a full frontal assault on our value system. Yet we are supposed to somehow continue being productive so the elites can spread what little wealth we have, to support those who hold us in disdain. And, as always throughout history, women will be the hardest hit.

Is there an angry group of conservative middle American women out there? YOU BETCHA! And BY GOLLY they think Sarah Palin, a middle class woman, would make a fine leader. I urge all conservative women to get involved in the political process. We need many more like Sarah out there fighting for our causes. We can make it happen and wouldn't it be SWELL if we were finally represented by people who actually understood us?



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