Sunday, March 22, 2009


Written By D.

There are many jokes on the internet right now that refer to TOTUS, the President’s teleprompter. I hear it even has its own official seal. The references are mostly in regards to O being fed information through his teleprompter and his apparent dependency on it.

This dependency on a teleprompter by someone we were told during the campaign was highly intelligent because of his Ivy League education and speaking ability, is an interesting observation. It appears that his ability to communicate diminishes substantially without it and that is troubling.

But instead of dwelling on the teleprompter, shouldn’t the real question be who is behind the teleprompter?

Like the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard was larger than life but behind the smoke and projected image was a little man hidden behind a curtain who was the true ruler of Oz.

So shouldn’t we be asking who really rules Oz and, like Toto, pull back the curtain to expose those who are trying to project the image of O as a “great and powerful” Wizard? After all, even Dorothy’s little dog Toto knew enough to sniff out a sham and expose it.

We need to start asking who is in charge? Americans need to know because we didn’t elect that person, he is neither POTUS nor TOTUS – but he appears to be in control and is formulating some very bad policy for our country.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Written By D.

I hear by way of American Thinker that the O Groupies are out knocking on doors trying to get people to pledge their allegiance to O.

Last I heard there was only one Pledge of Allegiance in the United States and it wasn’t a pledge of allegiance to a politician.

Now, historically, there was only one President who, theoretically, could have been King and that was George Washington. We all know George didn’t think that was a good idea and I tend to agree with him, and I would guess so do the vast majority of Americans.

Either the O Groupies never learned the basic history of our country or they chose to ignore it because they blindly place their worship of one politician ahead of all else.

So just in case they missed it – here is our country’s Pledge of Allegiance;

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of American, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

I also suggest that the O Groupies wake up and smell the Democracy inherent in our pledge before it is too late.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Written By D.

On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was bombed and it marked our entry into WWII.

After the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan’s Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is attributed to have said, “I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The Admiral had spent time in the U.S. so he had a better understanding of our people and capabilities than most of the Japanese leaders of the time.

I am reminded of that quote often as I watch patriotic grassroots movements springing up all over this land.

People are not just shocked by the new administration’s Socialist laden activities of the past several weeks, they are angered.

It is very foolish for the Socialists to believe in the complacency of Americans. But that is just what they are doing and are counting on it for their success. Like the Zero fighters, Val dive bombers and Kate torpedo bombers aiming to take out our ships at Pearl Harbor causing as much damage as possible, the Socialists are swarming in trying to destroy as much of our capitalistic system as possible before we have time to react. In doing so, the Socialists hope to take Democracy down with it.

While there are people who are content to rely on the government gravy train and resent others for their hard work and success, the vast majority of Americans believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as the freedom to pursue opportunity. They know their hope for a good life and bright future for their children is tied to that of their country and the future survival of both Democracy and Capitalism.

The silent majority have been jolted awake by the Socialist policies of this President. In pursuing these policies against the beliefs of most Americans, all he has succeeded in doing is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with resolve.

Many millions of Americans are now wide awake, they don’t like what they see and they are resolved to make their voices heard. This is truly an historic moment we are witnessing. It is the blessing given to us by our forefathers, it is Democracy in action.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Socialist Blitzkrieg

Written By D.

Blitzkrieg as defined at Wikipedia; “an all-mechanized force concentrating its attack on a small section of the enemy front then, once the latter is pierced, proceeding without regard to its flank.”

In World War II, The French & English were defeated in the Battle of France by Blitzkrieg.

Right now we are experiencing the Socialist political equivalent of Blitzkrieg. The liberals are concentrating on quickly destroying capitalism and enacting laws that will restrict our freedoms by using a highly mechanized force of the like-minded. This is aimed at forcing highly unpopular government taxes and controls on the rest of us – the silent majority.

Traditional politics as played by the GOP is like a Maginot Line whose purpose is defensive. The Low Countries (RINOs) are a weak spot. The Ardennes is the unattended forest of issues attacking our basic rights because freedom, taken for granted until now, seemed unnecessary to defend and impossible to break through.

Well folks, the tanks are rolling right over the Low Countries and they are breaking through the Ardennes. The Maginot Line is being flanked. This is not traditional politics we are facing … this is Socialist Blitzkrieg.

Do you think maybe it is time to do something? And I don’t mean retreat to the coast and hope that ships will come along and carry us to safety. In this battle for freedom no ships will be coming to save us. Yep, it’s time to take a stand, it is time to move forward and go on the political offensive.

What can the Conservatives & the GOP do to defeat the Blitzkrieg?

1. STOP the GOP mea culpa talk immediately. Our leaders need to take the philosophical fight to the enemy, and end the “girlie man” self recriminations.

2. DEVELOP a clear, simple message that is easily understood by all and keep repeating it

3. ABANDON the Maginot Line defensive attitude and go on the attack in a unified manner. The Tea Parties are a good start in the right direction.

4. IGNORE MSM criticism completely, this is no time to be sensitive about what the people who hate your guts and are out to destroy you think

5. USE the conservative websites, blogs and social media to share and spread the message

6. KEEP UP the pressure on elected representative at the state and federal level. Start putting that same pressure on the judicial branch, let them know you are watching and start calling for the resignations of judges who ignore our Constitution.

7. FOCUS your criticism and stop prefacing them with complements about speaking ability or intellect. Remember where the buck stops and that’s where you focus, forget the other lib clowns, for now. If the last 8 years were Bushes fault, then everything from here on out is O’s fault.

8. REMEMBER this is not about you it is about the “US” in USA, so put aside any pettiness or power trips and work together.

9. TALK to anyone who will listen, remember you are “PROUD TO BE A CONSERVATIVE” and unafraid to share its philosophy. You can start by asking people if they are better off now than they were a month ago and keep adding to it as the months go by.

10. VOTE in every election like your freedom depends on it and make sure all your like-minded family and friends get out and vote

11. JUST say no to compromise that isn’t bipartisan and to legislation that robs you of your freedom and your money.

Just remember, the French & English lost the Battle of France to Blitzkrieg, but the Americans won the Battle of the Bulge ( because when the Germans tried the same type of Blitzkrieg tactics again in the Ardennes, the U.S. 101st Airborne Division and General McAuliffe, though surrounded, held out, kept fighting and famously said, "NUTS!" in response to German demands for surrender. General Patton arrived with the 3rd Army to relieve them – proving Blitzkrieg works both ways. Four months later the war was over, Hitler was gone and so was his brand of Socialism.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meanwhile, Back in Tax-A-Lot

Written By D.

Once upon a time in the land of Tax-A-Lot most of the serfs were working very hard to improve their lives by growing small gardens in the back of their huts. They were also able to raise more livestock by feeding them from their gardens. Eventually, they had enough crops and livestock so they could sell or trade in the marketplace for goods and services. Life was as good as it gets for the serfs.

But the lords, seeing this success, wanted a share of this largesse so they decided that new taxes were in order. First the Lords ruled that a tax of 50% of all the garden crops and livestock be imposed. They knew this would not be popular so they gathered together the non-productive serfs who were too lazy to grow gardens and were very jealous of the success of the hard working productive serfs. They told these non-productive serfs that they were “less fortunate” and that it was “unfair” for those “rich” serfs to have more. The non-productive serfs readily agreed with this analysis.

The lords made these “less fortunate” serfs the tax collectors and gave them the power to confiscate the crops and livestock owed to the lords. Of course, the lords knew that these non-productive serfs were not to be trusted and expected that a portion of the crops and livestock collected would be stolen by the tax collectors but this was a small matter in their minds.

The goal of the lords was to enrich themselves while setting serf against serf. They posted a declaration in the village that since some of the serfs had more than others, it was only fair that they collect 50% to even the playing field. They had no intention of giving the 50% they collected to the “less fortunate” serfs but knew these serfs would be satisfied skimming off the tax collections and beating up on the “rich” serfs. The lords knew the value of “empowering” the non-productive serfs and allowing them to act out on their feelings of jealousy and hatred.

In the meantime, the productive serfs gathered together and discussed the new tax burden and the way in which it was to be collected. They decided that enough was enough and that they would resist. So they appointed a spokesman to express their grievances and they all headed to the castle to discuss the matter with the lords. But the lords ignored them and mocked their protest. This angered the serfs.

Next the serfs decided to form a group to defend their gardens and livestock from the tax collectors. But the lords sent their loyal castle guards to protect the tax collectors.

What’s a serf to do? Finally, one of the productive serfs realized that it was their productivity that drove Tax-a-Lot, he told the other serfs that without their labor, there was no Tax-a-Lot.

The serfs were willing to make sacrifices to drive home this point because they knew that if they didn’t, they would continue to be oppressed and there would be no end to the greed of the lords.

The serfs destroyed their gardens and all the crops, setting even the Tax-A-Lot fields on fire and they slaughtered all their livestock. They stopped working and Tax-A-Lot quickly ground to a halt. The marketplace closed down as there was nothing to trade. The serfs lived off of roots and rats and anything that was available. But serf’s were used to a life of just getting by and believed this hardship was worth it.

The tax collectors had nothing to collect and as they were held in distain equally by the lords and the productive serfs, they were the first to starve. They realized too late that the productivity of the majority had also kept them fed.

The lords soon realized that their plan had backfired and they had become considerably less wealthy as a result of it. They had gone too far and pushed the serfs too hard, but they still felt the need to abuse their authority because that is what lords do.

So they sent all their troops to intimidate the serfs, but the troops refused to harm the serfs because they knew that without their productivity they too would soon starve. The troops, after all, were just serfs with swords and rightly identified with the serf’s plight.

The serfs convinced the troops that the lords needed to be sent a message. They joined together and headed for the castle. They stood before the Lords and read a declaration of their own.

“Let it be known that from this day forward in the kingdom of Tax-A-Lot that the serfs, will provide the lords a reasonable portion of their labor to cover the costs of governing and defending Tax-A-Lot. The portion will be determined by a vote of all the productive serfs and the lords will have to learn to live within their means. Further, all personal gardens, possessions and accumulated wealth of the serfs will not be subject to taxation.”

The lords had no choice but to accept these terms, because as it turns out, much to everyone’s surprise, the serfs were the real power behind the success of Tax-a-Lot.

And, because this story has no stimulus package or bailouts, Tax-A-Lot became the most productive place in all of the land.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Terminator Time

Written By D.

The Governor of California says he will lay off 10,000 state employees in response to the failure of the legislature to pass tax increases. The total could be 20,000 employees. That is 20,000 out of a total of 2.5 million state employees. The msm usually forgets to mention the fact that California has that many government employees.

My first question is: If you can respond to not getting your way with increased taxes and layoff 10,000 people, did you really need those employees in the first place?

My second question is: Will the taxpayers of California miss them, or even realize that they are gone?

My third question: What is more important; 10,000 government jobs or the ruin more taxes will cause to California’s economy?

People and businesses have been voting with their feet in large numbers as they flee California for friendlier economic ground. Earth to California; you have a problem and tax increases will only make it worse.

When economic times are hard, government cutbacks are in order. It seems the only people expected to make sacrifices are the taxpayers. The solution to economic problems is not more taxes, it is cutbacks, and that means shrinking the size of government.

California has more idiotic rules and regulations than any other state, you could say they are the model for Socialism in this country and that is no complement. That’s why the world’s eighth largest economy is going under fast.

Now a reasonably intelligent person would say: We have gone too far and we need to revisit our idiotic policies and make changes. We need to stop listening to and appeasing every special interest “I’ve got a gripe” group of leftwing nutcases and do only what is best for the majority of California taxpayers.

It is time for states as well as the federal government to look at ways to shrink government and reduce regulations. Reality is people in the private sector face the possibility of losing their jobs in tough economic times. While no one wants to see others lose their job, do state employees deserve to be treated differently? Are they so important and special that they should be guaranteed employment for life no matter what the cost to the taxpayers?

Rather than using layoffs as a threat, use it as a part of a plan to help relieve a government that is suffering out of control bloat. Ask yourself: Exactly why is it that California taxpayers should be upset by a reduction in government employees beyond a bit of sympathy?

Prove to us that you are serious about solving the economic problems you have helped to create and you will be taken seriously. It is time to Cowboy Up and make the hard choices.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Majority of Two

Written By D.

Do Senators Arlen Specter and Sue Collins believe they are reasonable, independent and thoughtful legislators because they support the “compromise” stimulus, which is really no compromise at all?

The tip-off that this is not compromise seems to be Carl Levin saying outright that they’ll just try to get the rest of their pork back in.

There is no good justification for losing the compromise negotiations and caving into the Democrats while trying to make it look like they achieved something. If they stop for a moment and look around they might see that none of the other usual RINO suspects are standing closely beside them and you would think that might give them pause for concern. And if it is such a needed piece of legislation how come no one wants to be the 60th vote?

I realize that both Maine and Pennsylvania are in financial difficulty and stimulus pork will be going their way. But the stimulus package contains much that is very questionable non stimulus spending.

For instance; ACORN funding is still in the bill and I predict that money will be used for “community organizing” against Republicans through voter registration, GOTV and collection of Census data which will impact redistricting. So supporting this bill could provide government funding that is destructive to the fairness of the political process. Think of it, our tax dollars being used against us politically.

Specter and Collins in their “five minutes of fame” moment can try to spin their support anyway they want, but I don’t think it will wash with people who understand the significance of this horrible piece of socialist spending legislation.

Interesting, neither Pennsylvania nor Maine voters have the right to recall their politicians. Voters might want to consider changing their state constitutions to include recall after they see the damage caused by this spending spree.

When the spending spree fails to deliver and the economy worsens, remember those who voted for it. Let’s make sure their five minutes of fame lives on forever in infamy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pelosi Next Under The Bus?

Written By D.

This story at Fox News belies any myth about Democrat unity. Would Congressman Jim Cooper be out there saying the O team encouraged him to defy Nancy on Stimulus unless they wanted it publicly known?,2933,487632,00.html

Now the story seems to be that O team wanted a clean Stimulus bill but House gave them a messy bill. House Dems did not even read it? They were told to just sign it?

Well, if O Team wanted a clean bill why did they support the messy one? Why didn’t they ask that it be cleaned up? Why didn’t they urge Nancy to work with the GOP on it? Why weren’t members encouraged to read it?

Now that the pork in the bill has been exposed and it is rapidly losing favor with the voters, looks more to me like they want to find someone to blame for this terrible piece of legislation and for the failure of the bill to gain bipartisan support and Nancy drew the short straw. Of course she set herself up to be the whipping boy with her highly partisan behavior. But there is plenty of blame to go around between them.

Yet, the buck stops at the White House. Who wanted the bill in the first place? Who made the pork campaign promises? Who wanted it quickly? Who urged its passage? Who proclaimed “I won” and, while urging GOP compromise, offered none in return?

With Conservative Democrats in open rebellion, GOP criticism of her leadership and the White House calling her stimulus bill messy, Nancy may find she has few friends willing to go to bat for her. But there is plenty of blame to go around. So much for personal responsibility in “every man for himself” Washington.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

D.’s Tax-A-Lot Stimulus Package

Written By D.

Yep, you guessed it, more Tax-A-Lot tongue in cheek.

Stimulus Plans …The Dems have one, The GOP has one, Rush has one, so hey, why not me? I’m a citizen and taxpayer too ya know.

Here is my proposal; BAILOUT EVERYBODY.

As you can see, I prefer simple plans, so here’s how it works;

We mail special ATM Stimulus cards to everyone in Tax-A-Lot. Whenever anyone needs money they simply go to the closest Tax-A-Lot ATM machine punch in their SSN – “Stimulus Security Number” (formerly known as Social Security Number) enter the amount they need and presto the money machine comes alive!

Think of it, no more poverty … everyone will be wealthy. There will be no need for socialized medicine because everyone will be able to afford healthcare. No need for Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Subsidized Loans for College and no one will need a mortgage so bye, bye Fannie and Freddie. We won’t even need banks. Think what it will do to lower the crime rate. We will all live in mansions, have big screen HDTV, drive Lamborghini’s and eat Caviar whenever we feel like it. Just one long bailout bash.

Now I know it will be hard for the government to print money as fast as we withdrawal it, so I propose the new ATM machines be equipped to print it on the fly. Problem solved!

O.K. - There is a downside to my plan, but there is always a downside in every plan. Since no one will have to work in Tax-A-Lot a few problems might arise; there will be no taxpayers to pick up the tab and it will be impossible to find a plumber, but it's impossible to find one now so nothing will change much. I don't want to get defensive but the Dems came up with their flawed plan in ten minutes and why should I spend more time on my plan they did on theirs? And, just like them, I'll work out the problems later.

You know, the truth is, we can’t afford any of the other plans either but at least my plan really spreads the wealth around.

So, isn’t it just the greatest plan ever?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gulag Days?

Written By D.

Guess these three Putin protesters never heard the old saying, "Don't spit into the wind." They have been “detained” by police but they are sure their grievances will be heard? Right, bet they never read Solzhenitsyn ‘s “Gulag Archipelago.” I figure if Putin’s got ‘em in custody, they’ll have plenty of time to catch up on their reading now.

Bastille Day Re-Enactment Basically a Bust?

Written By D. Labor Unions in France protest but it did not result in Bastille Day. The economy in France is 6 feet under and they’re basically protesting about union gripes, so much for French patriotism.

And now a moment of pause to quote from a classic;
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the
age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief. It was
the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of
Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had
everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to
Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far
like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its
being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison
only.” Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities.”
Hey, that could apply to France in 2009. Come to think of it, that could apply to the entire world right now. Well, I already read the book so I know how it ends.

Hollywood is probably already preparing for another endless remake movie. Do you think Angelina should play the “Madame Lafarge” character? I wonder if she knows how to knit.
When they storm the Bastille, give me a call.

Pelosi Could Learn From Lyndon Johnson

Written By D.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked if Pelosi had failed the President;

“When asked whether Pelosi had failed the president by crafting a bill that that
Republicans saw as too partisan to support, Gibbs replied: "This bill went
through Congress, through its procedures. If people stop looking through the
partisan lens and through the economic lens, they'll see it was put together
with Democrats and Republicans and economists who supported us. Because it not
only puts money in people's pockets, but it also creates jobs."

Notice anything? There is no defense of Pelosi in that reply. In politics, if someone is asking that kind of question about you, then you usually have a problem.

It is tough defending defeat and make no mistake Pelosi’s failure to get a single GOP vote added to eleven Democrat defections on the Stimulus Package is a leadership defeat. I suspect that Pelosi is hiding her spectacular leadership failure behind that terse looking smile (the sharks are probably already circling.) It seems she is blinded by her partisanship. It also seems that every time Pelosi opens her mouth she polarizes people. Now that’s a special talent.

Powerful titles merely assign someone the ability to become a successful mover and shaker, what you do with that power really defines your success or failure.

Former President Lyndon Johnson, while serving in the House and later as Senate Majority Leader, understood power and how to use it better than most. He was a practical, pragmatic politician who knew how to compromise to get what he wanted.

On Page 15 of Robert A. Caro’s excellent book “The Years of Lyndon Johnson Means of Ascent” Caro provides some insight into Johnson’s leadership style;

“He ridiculed—intensely and harshly—politicians who fought for ideals and
Caro also quotes former Congresswoman Helen G. Douglas as saying this about
Johnson; “He made fun of those who refused to bend. . .”
What would Lyndon think of Pelosi’s leadership? I strongly suspect he wouldn’t think much of it. The Stimulus vote was a message about the need for political compromise and inclusion, but who knows if the message was received.

Support Freedom of Speech

Smart Girl Politics has a petition supporting Freedom of Speech for everyone, including Rush Limbaugh. Freedom of Speech is not just for Democrats and any attempts to stifle opposition is something we should all be concerned about. Please take a moment of your time to sign the petition at;

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rush Radio Stimulus Plan?

Written By D.

Rush Limbaugh does not form my opinions for me. I form them for myself. While I do not listen to him all the time, I do on occasion tune in on my pocket radio while walking my dogs.

I think Rush is a man of hubris and I’m not much for a constant feed of hubris. But I guess he has earned the right through hard work and perseverance. He is a uniquely American success story.

I was very disturbed this morning when I saw an article on Fox News that said the Democrats had launched an online petition attacking him for his comments;

I really don’t know what the Democrats hope to gain because I only see in their action anger aimed at Rush simply for expressing his views. Expressing views is a concept we call Free Speech and it is the right of all Americans, including Rush.

I don’t know if his views actually influence people, but I am sure the facts that he uses to support them probably do. Rush is not to blame for the facts. Rush is not to blame for the economic meltdown nor the consequences of Democrat bailout mania laced with pork. The facts are the facts. If Rush wants those policies to fail, he has the right to say it.

Now that Bush is no longer President, it seems the Democrats are in search of a polarizing figure to attack and Rush is a convenient target. Vilification of Conservatives is a way of life for Democrats. They always seem to have a whole list of adjectives at the ready to attack those that do not agree with them. This is just business as usual.

Of course you would think that these “important” Democrats would have something better to do with their time.

But the result they seek to achieve, which appears to be stifling the free speech of their opposition, is not going to endear them to anyone except their hardcore base. They have gone after Rush before to charge up their base, so this is not new. Democrats are not known for originality, I guess that’s why they are using the failed FDR plan to “stimulate” the economy.

Do they think they will separate Rush from his ditto followers? My guess is that he will gain more listeners and generate more advertising revenue. Maybe the Democrats attack on Rush should be called the “Rush Radio Stimulus Plan.”

Do they think that the GOP will turn their backs on Rush? I figure the GOP will just use Rush because as long as the Democrats focus on him as their big target, GOP legislators can use him for cover. They will probably say, “We don’t like what Rush is saying,” but I’d bet they hope he keeps saying it. Good cop, bad cop.

Is this "act" the Dems are putting on part of a plan to shut down talk radio and blame Rush for it? Well, estimates are that 23 million people listen to Rush. Do they really want to anger that many people, most all of whom are real taxpayers and are feeling a bit insecure right now?

For me, in the end, this is not about Rush, this is about Free Speech. I may not always agree with what others say, whether liberal or conservative, but I will defend their right to say it. I suggest that the Democrats could learn something from the children’s taunt; “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” If Democrats don’t like what Rush has to say about them, the solution is easy; ignore him and don’t listen to his radio program. It is that simple, unless they have something against Free Speech. And, if that is the case, they'll anger a lot more than 23 million people.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Socialist Extinction Plan?

Written By D.

Don’t let the word “Social” in Socialist fool you. Let’s face it, Socialists like people’s money, but they just do not like the people they take it from …they especially don’t like children because funding programs for non-voters is a waste of perfectly good taxpayer booty. And, after all, children also do not produce goods and services that can be taxed. So, from a Socialists point of view, children are worthless.

Pelosi’s plans seem to include a lot less children, I guess that’s so Socialists won’t have to waste their taxpayer booty on them.,com_fireboard/func,view/id,430063/catid,2/
Now you might think this is a new idea that Pelosi seems to have embraced, but not so, Socialists have had it in for children for a very long time …

Here’s three quotes regarding Communist attitudes towards having children from Whittaker Chambers' book Witness;

“And what right had any man or woman to bring children into the 20th-century


“One extreme group among the Communists held that it was morally wrong for
a professional revolutionist to have children at all.”


“Abortion was a commonplace of party life. There were Communist doctors who
rendered that service for a small fee.”

Socialists do all in their power to reduce birthrates. That is why, in part, the birthrates in Socialist countries are so low. Only problem with the plan for Socialists is that most of the prevented births and abortions will be of future red diaper babies and their numbers will dwindle, until just us Conservative taxpayers are left. Oops! I’d say it was a very poorly thought out plan. That’s the Socialists for you, always taking the short sighted view and not very bright.

"Grandma" Pelosi, now that seems ironic, doesn't it?

Score One for the Lobbyists

Written By D.

Looks like eliminating earmarks in Tax-A-Lot lasted about 30 seconds. Now there will be earmarks but we just won’t know about it? So, that’s how the new transparency works. The lobbyists will still get earmarks and life goes on in D.C.

I keep forgetting that when Democrats put a name to something it means the opposite of what they call it. Example; Transparency means Non-Transparent; The Employee Free Choice Act means No Choice for Employees, etc.

So in Tax-A-Lot, "Read my lips" has a whole new meaning.

Monday, January 26, 2009

LESS = MORE for Pelosi

Written By D.

I went to Google and typed in “Pelosi says more needed.”

It gave me 254,000 hits, the headlines were mostly about how she wants more money. No surprise there ...

THEN ...

I went to Google and typed in “Pelosi says less needed.”

It gave me 234,000 hits … BUT … and here’s the kicker … the headlines were still MOSTLY ABOUT HOW SHE WANTS MORE MONEY! I guess there should be no surprise there either.

And the hits just keep coming!

Simple Equation For Republicans;

Jobs = Tax Cuts – (Pelosi, Reid + Federal Spending x Obama)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

NY Politics … “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

Written By D.

I LOVE NY – NY POLITICS that is … Here we go, liberal hysteria aimed at Paterson and his choice for Senate.

There are claims that Paterson split the Democrat party, enhanced with attacks on his work ethic, abilities and management style. The threats are coming fast and furious that Cuomo will challenge him in a primary for Governor and that a Lib Congresswoman will challenge Gillibrand for senate in a primary. But in reality isn’t it just a few disgruntled libs with an over inflated sense of self?
It’s a regular New York minute.

But if we cut through some in the left’s hysteria and hyperventilation over this appointment there is much to see, learn and question.

The Democrats were already badly split in NY. Accusing Paterson of splitting them up is a joke. Some who would gain from the accusation are trying to sell it and saying Paterson self-destructed with this appointment. I think not.

Does the following information sound like NY Democrat unity to you?

Many Clinton supporters wanted Gillibrand, why?

Remember Kennedy did not support Hillary for President. Although Cuomo endorsed Hillary for President and she endorsed him for NY Attorney General, Hillary didn’t endorse Cuomo when he ran for NY Governor in a primary against McCall and Cuomo eventually had to drop out of the race.

Paterson supported Hillary in her run for President. Who will the Clintons support for Governor? I’m guessing Paterson.

It is widely reported that the Kennedys and the Cuomos are not on friendly terms .Will the Kennedys support Cuomo in a primary bid against Paterson? My guess is they’ll stay out of it.

The President is said to be pleased with the appointment and apparently Caroline wished her well. But the Cuomo supporters attacked Paterson. Caroline is moving on, Cuomo is not, his supporters are vowing a gubernatorial primary fight against Paterson.

A Cuomo primary fight with Paterson would likely be all or nothing for Cuomo, does he want to take that chance against an incumbent who also happens to be the first African American Governor of NY? If Cuomo loses, chances are there won’t be any more comebacks. I believe Steve Kornacki gets it right in this New York Observer article;

Ever since Paterson was named Governor, certain liberals have been looking down their nose at him. If I were in his shoes, I would realize they were not going to support my candidacy for Governor no matter what I did to appease them, so why bother trying? What to do? Easy, form alliances with others and position himself for support from some of the most powerful people in politics.

Enter Alphonse D’Amato, former NY GOP Senator and now big time lobbyist and friend of Gillibrand’s REPUBLICAN father, also a big time lobbyist. D’Amato already held a fundraiser for Paterson. Gillibrand interned in D’Amato’s Senate office many years ago. Gillibrand will be able to raise big money for her campaign in 2010 and also for Paterson.

Somewhere out there is the real threat of Rudy Giuliani running for Governor of NY. Giuliani and D’Amato have an on again, off again relationship.

Giuliani has said he is endorsing Pete King for Senate

Looks like the battle lines are being drawn. (And what’s up with Giuliani’s complement to Caroline?)

With the appointment of Gillibrand, who do you think D’Amato will support for Governor, I’m guessing Paterson and there is gold in “them thar hills.”

2010 is not 2008 - No one who assumes the Liberals will still be in the same power position they are in now truly understands the fickleness of the electorate. Two years is a lifetime in politics especially in hard economic times. Paterson seems to understand that a turn to the right is a real possibility and that Gillibrand has the credentials and money backers to survive it. In the process Paterson seems to be gathering a rally of the moderate Democrats, RINOS and Independents around him so he too can survive it. If he succeeds, these few angry anti-Paterson liberals are about to find out they are a small insignificant group that live isolated, out of touch lives in NYC.

One more thing and maybe the most telling of all, the very liberal Chuck Schumer is also pleased with Gillibrand’s appointment; Apparently, he gets it. Paterson is the man with the plan.

Over the next two years, DINOS (Democrats in name only) may become the next big thing in politics. Democrats are good at surviving, if nothing else.

Anyone up for singing a political chorus of “I Will Survive”

Friday, January 23, 2009

NY Gov’s Shrewd Move; "Palin Light"

Written By D.

Liberal NYC Dems are not happy with Gov Paterson’s apparent choice of Hillary’s Senate replacement.

But I’d say it was a very politically astute move on his part. Appointing US Rep. Gillibrand, a moderate Democrat who was elected in a traditionally Republican district throws NY State moderate Democrats and RINOS a political bone. These Upstate folks have got to be uncomfortable with the off the wall behavior of the far left bordering on absolute lunacy, but Gillibrand is their kind of Democrat ... non threatening.

The NYC Dems should be thanking Paterson because he might be the only Democrat in NY, or the country for that matter, who “gets it.” Paterson is giving the Democrats of his state and country “Palin Light.” He apparently understands the attraction that millions of Americans have for Palin as the persona of “every woman.” Now the Democrats will have an “every woman” of their very own. They should be celebrating. Of course no one said Libs were the brightest of bulbs, but the benefits may eventually become apparent even to them.

Since Palin has already run the interference and suffered the slings and arrows of “hunting,” “lacking experience” and “motherhood” Gillibrand can cruise into the spot without so much as a scratch from the msm, despite her centrist Democrat credentials. Paterson will send a strong moderate message to the voters of NY, the great majority of them are probably very relieved he did not choose Caroline or the other Leftos on the list.

I know a smart political move when I see it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Census Circus Will Be Coming To Town

Written By D.

The 2010 U.S. Census will be upon us before we know it. What that means to politicians is; federal money and political power.

If you understand what is at stake you will see how important it is to pay attention to the Census. Here is a good explanation, long, but a good read;

The Census will be used for redistricting (redrawing) political lines of representation. Municipal Council Districts, County Board Reps, State Legislative and Congressional District Representation map lines will change.

In states that have lost population some elected officials at the Congressional level will lose their seats and in states that have gained population seats will be gained. Municipal, State and County Legislators will have their lines shifted based on equalizing representation through population. But make no mistake; these lines will be very creative interpretations of fairness for political purposes.

Each of the political parties wants the same thing; to make sure the lines are drawn in their favor. Dems and the GOP will hire people to draw them new maps based on gaining the redistricting advantage. These maps will be held close to the vest and played like a game of high stakes poker.

State legislators will become very important because they decide on how the Congressional maps will be drawn. Whatever party is in charge at the state level will pretty much get the district lines they want and if there is a loss of a Congressional seat, chances are great that it will be the party in the minority that loses it. Deals will be struck for political survival. If the new lines are too bizarre they will be challenged in court.

Since the last Census, people who were not happy with their state, mostly blue states, have been voting with their feet. It will be interesting to see the number of Congressional representatives they lose in redistricting. New York and California will definitely lose Congressional seats.
This will require that the Democrats put on a Census Circus in order to inflate the numbers of what they call “undercounted minorities.”

Court battles will probably renew a fight over “Imputation.”

The statistical question is; If you do not know how many people there are in the first place, how do you know that you under, or for that matter, over-counted them? It is just a statistical guess. While sampling cannot be used in the Census, imputation can be used. But I can see where there would be plenty of opportunity for Dems to abuse imputation in the count.

“It’s not fair to minorities.” will be the Dems mantra, barkering it under the "big tent" of the Census Circus. The msm will overdose on it. But it is really just about power and money, fairness has nothing to do with it. After all, it is not the population count per se that determines the fairness of representation within district lines; fairness is determined by the politicians who draw those lines.

Here is the real danger ahead; I believe the ultimate goal of the Dems will be to use imputation to their advantage. If this is allowed to happen it could be a political redistricting disaster.

I also believe the Dems will do all in their power to control the count. Imagine this; ACORN Census takers being paid to count “undercounted minorities.” Don’t think it cannot happen. Remember that much political power and federal funding to the states is at stake and I don’t have to tell you that Democrats are known to cheat.

I could name a lot of things that aren’t fair but a true count of the census is not one of them. I urge people who want a fair count to pay close attention to information reported about the Census and you may want to volunteer to become a Census taker, especially if you live in a city. If possible, also try to get involved in the redistricting process.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Written By D.

I was at the SGPBall last evening. I am new to Twitter having signed up for it to attend the Ball. My husband looked at the screen and said “Are you in a chat room?” I hadn’t thought about it, but he was right, so I said, “Yep, that’s what it looks like to me.”

I really didn’t make but a couple of comments, call me a good listener! I just read the comments as they scrolled along down the screen because I was really interested in finding out the opinions of others.

It was interesting and a good way for people to connect with each other, no one wants to think they are alone in their views. It was a success from the publicity point of view as I’m sure it generated lots of new interest in SGP and that is a good thing. Making people feel included is important. SGP is growing quickly because of this inclusiveness and mutual respect for the varied opinions of conservatives.

I thank the organizers for their hard work in putting it together. If you are tired of same old, same old click on over to SmartGirlPolitics (link on logo at right on this page) and join the team, guys are welcome too!


Written By D.

1. I woke up this morning, looked out the window and no new car was in my driveway. My refrigerator had not been filled with food and I still had to write the checks to pay my bills because they did not disappear. My investments were worth less due to yesterday’s post speech stock plunge and I’m sure my share of the national debt increased. So I asked myself the “Reagan question” only modified; "Are you better off today than you were yesterday?" Nope.

2. The big question will be whether or not we will all be better off four years from now? I’m guessing not.

3. A “stay classy” moment, much to my amusement. Hot Air, bless their hearts, posted this video clip from ABC on their website; of the Carters and Clintons apparently snubbing each other at the inaugural. It was hard to tell who seemed to snub who and I give it a -5 on the Presidential greatness charts. Hey maybe it just needs a peace process. O could bring them both to Camp David and shuttle between cabins, replicating Carter’s “All you need is love theme” holding hands with them until there is a breakthrough. There could be a Noble Peace prize in it. Of course the Carter Love In didn’t work out real well over the long term, especially for Sadat.

4. The msm is having an “adjective overdose moment.”Unfortunately, it is not going to go away. They are all beginning to sound like society page writers due to the apparent lack of journalistic integrity. Be prepared for; Grace, Humor, Wit, Style, Class … and all sorts of gush … just don’t expect any serious reporting, we are on our own for that kind of news.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SGP Ball Tonight



Monday, January 19, 2009

Nothing But Blue Skies Ahead

Written By D.

No, the world won’t be singing in perfect harmony. The doves of peace won’t make any more inroads than they have before.

BUT … it will seem that way.

Now that a Liberal Democrat is becoming President, the msm will make it sound as if all our worldly troubles have disappeared.

And these are the times that will try the minds of petty dictators. In their endless quest for msm attention all they had to do to get attention was criticize Bush and blame our Democratic/Capitalistic system for their personal failures and the msm would hang on their every word. Socialist movie stars would flock to their side in support and there was no end to the attentions paid them.

If they think low oil prices are ruining them politically, these petty dictators are about to fall on really hard times. It has already started. The effigy burnings in Iran of the Pres-Elect were not widely reported. Chavez’s paranoid criticism of the Pres-Elect was also not widely reported.
These same dictators were huge supporters of the Pres-Elect during the campaign and were deliriously happy when he was elected. I guess they should have been more careful of what they wished for, because now the msm has a vested interest in running cover for any of their negative or critical comments aimed at the Pres-Elect.

The petty dictators are going to find it much harder to get any public attention when criticizing U.S. policy. They will have to rely on European news outlets to get the story out and let’s face it most Americans don’t read Euro news. So they will remain blissfully ignorant of the latest info coming from the petty dictator information super highway. It is akin to; “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” well; “If a petty dictator goes on an anti-American rant and the msm doesn’t print it, does it count?” Heaven only knows what dangerous stunts they will try to pull to feed their U.S. media attention seeking egos.

Suddenly the msm is going to make the world seem like a much more peaceful place. But in reality it will be the same old war weary place with the same divisions and hatreds. The petty dictators will still be spewing their lies and blaming our country for their own failures. The only difference is we just won’t be told about it or the story will be buried on the back pages. And whereas the msm blamed every woe in the world on Bush, now all woes will be directed away from the new administration. Any military action taken by the Pres-Elect will become noble and necessary, free of anti-war protests.

Consider it a “bad news blackout” for the next four years. No famine, No disease, No poverty, No petty dictators, No world tensions, No U.S. bashing, No nuclear threats, No protests, No environmental crisis, No criticism of the U.S. from Socialist movie stars …

Just blue skies ahead in Liberal La La Land.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dress for Success?

Written By D.

Replicating Lincoln’s inauguration is not what I would have chosen as a “theme” party. Nostalgia and history are two different things. The Democrats have adopted Lincoln as one of their own. First they replicated his funeral for JFK and now his inaugural. You would think they could come up with Democrats FDR or Wilson for their reenactments of history.

I guess that is because the Democrats are much like the Whig Party that Lincoln was a long time member of before it fell apart and he became a Republican. But he never stopped being a Whig. Besides, usurping the other Party’s guy is so much more Machiavellian.

I really wouldn’t want our country to emulate, over the next term of office, years of civil war, the suspended writ of habeas corpus, destruction of vast amounts of property, inflation, shortages, forced impressments, church burnings, hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, family turned against family, trampling on state rights, rape and pillage and thousands of imprisonments for merely being critical of the government.

Although a re-enactment of Lincoln shutting down the msm for the slightest of criticism would be an interesting and ironic turn of events, I would be against it in any form.

At the time of Lincoln’s election with less than 40% of the popular vote, he was so despised there were plots against his life. He actually had to sneak into Washington for his inaugural dressed as a woman. He succeeded in getting into town, disguised as an old woman, complete with hunched over walk. Talk about dress for success.

I’m sure glad they decided to skip re-enacting that part of the story.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Slippery Slope of Creeping Corruption

Written By D.

“America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere." Ronald Reagan

Remember way back in the old days when any scandal would send a politician packing? Over the years the Democrats and their msm friends have been lowering the standards of integrity to a point where almost anything goes. Corruption is a dangerous slippery slope because entrusting corrupt people to protect our freedom is like entrusting a fox to guard the henhouse.

Our government currently has or have had serving in very high offices people who have stolen, perjured themselves, taken bribes, cheated on their taxes, been involved in sex scandals, taken illegal drugs, sold out their country, avoided the draft, behaved irresponsibly causing someone else’s death, etc. or you name it, they've done it.

There have been many corrupt politicians over the course of the history of our country, but if they were caught their political careers were ended. Now, if a Democrat is caught, the msm run cover for them minimizing the offense and the damage. They just stay in office like it never happened, unless the Democrats themselves have a reason to want them gone. Of course, the Republicans are still being held to the old standard. But everyone needs to be held to a higher standard.

This bold, in your face corruption is the way of the Socialist state. It is the hallmark of Socialism, an immoral way of life with a double standard for the people in power versus the masses. Things that others in our society would be jailed for doing, politicians are rewarded for doing. Politicians being above the very laws that they enact is no Democracy.

And we tolerate it. Is it any wonder that they feel empowered to get away with anything? Our tolerance tells them yes they can. Re-electing crooks, who then appoint their crooked friends to assist them is the surest way to corrupt government.

The Senate confirmation hearings have become a joke. Crooks and cheaters are being praised and put into positions where they do not belong. These are very powerful positions and the decisions they make will impact us all.

You don’t have to wonder why the politicians in D.C. are ignoring the wishes of the people because they no longer represent the people. They represent their own selfish agenda so what else would expect of a bunch of cheaters and crooks?

My disappointment is in the voters who do not take the time to educate themselves. There are too many people who know all the details about the goings on in Hollywood or in sports, but can’t name their Congressman or Senator or even answer simple questions about their government. The crooks and cheaters count on this inattentive ignorance and millions of voters gladly accommodate them.

Corrupt government is not going to give these people a wake-up call because they prefer that they sleep in and these people seem to enjoy sleeping. But as a result, we are all going to continue to get the most corrupt, power hungry government money can buy. If this continues unabated, for those of us with our eyes wide open there will only be a memory of a bright shining city on a hill whose beacon light at one time guided freedom-loving people everywhere … but whose light flickered then died and freedoms were lost because so many did not have the will to preserve them.

It is time to wake up and speak up, the light is flickering, do not let it die.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Effigy In-Chief

Posted By D.

Something has changed in Iran. They have now given up Bush effigy burnings in favor of O effigy burnings. I'm sure this is one aspect of the job Bush won't miss at all.

I seem to recall these folks cheering when O was elected. Talk about a quick drop in popularity. Hey the guy isn’t even in office yet.

Guess they aren’t buying into the "hope" thing. Just goes to show, politicians can’t please everybody, much as they try.

A Tax-A-Lot Tale

Written tongue in cheek by D. because I'm tired of reading all the deficit spending news today.

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Tax-A-Lot the serfs told their lords that they could grow 3 trillion potatoes for the support of the kingdom. But the lords told them they wanted 5 trillion potatoes. The vast majority (about 65%) of serfs strongly protested the burden, the rest of the serfs don’t pay much attention to what the lords are doing, to the detriment of all.

This majority told the lords that 5 trillion potatoes was an impossible request as there was a limitation on what could be taken from their productivity. They asked; “What if something unpredictable happened?” The situation could get out of hand.

Ignoring the pleas of the serfs, the lords voted among themselves declaring that Tax-A-Lot would print drawings of 2 trillion potatoes to make up for the extra potatoes they wanted. But the serfs knew that this was a bad idea because you cannot eat drawings of potatoes and eventually there would be a potato shortage, causing great hardship among the serfs.

The lords didn’t really care, after all, even if there was a shortage, the lords would still be well fed, because they controlled the collection and distribution of the potatoes.

Once the lords printed the potatoes they saw that 2 trillion was not going to be enough to pay for all their castle improvement projects and pay off their well connected friends at court, so they printed a couple trillion more drawings.

As predicted by the serfs, a famine occurred among them and all the barrels full of potato drawings could not be used to obtain a single real potato. The cost of a real potato being out of reach and having exhausted the personal supply allotted to them by a complicated potato tax formula devised by the lords, the serfs were reduced to eating roots and grass. Then, due to unpredictable poor weather, they were unable to grow even 3 trillion potatoes, so the shortage worsened as potato production fell sharply. Many serfs eventually gave up trying to grow potatoes as the climate and unreasonable demands of the lords made potato growing seem a pointless effort.

For a while the lords continued to eat well, so they could not understand why so many serfs were starving and complaining. They decided to print more potato drawings to bail the poor ignorant serfs out. Of course, this did not solve the problem.

And, eventually, there were no potatoes to be had in all of Tax-A-Lot and even the lords started to starve. The lords realized too late how dependent they were on the serf’s productivity to support the economy of Tax-A-Lot. They did not heed the serf’s common sense warnings because, having never actually produced potatoes or, for that matter, anything at all, it turns out they were really the ignorant ones. They failed to understand the basics of the potato economy they were trying to control and as a result became impotent lords ruling over non-existent potatoes.

Meanwhile, the serfs being a resilient group of folks who knew how to survive on roots and grass, started growing carrots in small gardens behind their huts and devised a new barter system based on their carrot production. The serfs saved Tax-A-Lot from complete ruin by their idiot lords but it was never the same successful kingdom it had once been.

And they lived ever after. Hey,"happily ever after" would be a bit of a stretch, they are serfs after all. You get to choose your own moral to this story. Share it with me in comments.

The Replacement’s Replacement Choice

Written By D.

You would think that selecting NY Senator Clinton’s replacement should be something about which New Yorkers need to be kept abreast. After all, this person will represent them in the Senate.

Not so. Governor Paterson seems to be playing his selection process close to the vest;

While it is his legal right to choose a replacement, leaving New Yorkers out of the information loop seems like bad form. It seems New Yorkers don’t even know all the names of those being considered, let alone qualifications or positions on the issues.

Apparently this may also be a violation of NY Freedom of Information law. But the Governor is a Democrat and we know the law doesn’t apply to Democrats. They pick and choose the laws with which they wish to comply.

So basically, a Governor who was not directly elected Governor by the voters is choosing a Senator who will not be elected Senator by the voters. The replacement chooses the replacement and chooses not to reveal details of selection process.

New Yorkers need to remember that when they vote and replace them both.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

But I Don’t Own a Tiny Violin

Written By D.

I cannot believe the sympathy employed in this AP article regarding the poor pirates who drowned off Somalia when their boat capsized while trying to speed to shore with their booty of $3 million;

The poor, poor pirates drowned and there is a search on for their bodies. These poor, poor pirates can’t make a living in their poor, poor, poor country so they turn to piracy on the high seas.

This part was especially touching; (my emphasis added)

“Abukar Haji, uncle of one of the dead pirates, blamed the naval surveillance for the accident that killed his pirate nephew Saturday.

"The boat the pirates were traveling in capsized because it was running at high speed because the pirates were afraid of an attack from the warships patrolling around," he said.

"There has been human and monetary loss but what makes us feel sad is
that we don't still have the dead bodies of our relatives. Four are still
missing and one washed up on the shore."

Pirate Daud Nure said three of the eight passengers had managed to swim to shore after the boat overturned in rough seas. He was not part of the pirate operation but knew those involved.

"Here in Haradhere the news is grim, relatives are looking for their dead," he said.”

Yea, and I strongly suspect that while looking for the bodies, they are also looking for the booty.

Armed pirates and their illegal activities are the poor, poor victims and the bad guys are naval surveillance? That's kinda twisted.

I don’t own a tiny violin, so how else can I express myself about these pirates? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Piracy is not the answer to Somalia’s problems.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Six Degrees of “Democrat” Separation

Written By D.

Yep, I was out hunting for the degrees of separation of party affiliation in this AP article entitled;

“Baltimore mayor indicted on theft, perjury charges”

Of course, it was in Baltimore (first degree of separation,) so I strongly suspected it had to be a Democrat Mayor who was indicted on theft (second degree of separation) and perjury (third degree of separation) charges. The real “Democrat” affiliation tip off for me was the flattering photo (fourth degree of separation) and the quote by Mayor Dixon in paragraph four; “I am being unfairly accused.”(fifth degree of separation) Then I knew it was a Democrat for sure, but I hung in there until I reached the final degree of separation and the Mayor's Democrat party affiliation was finally revealed to me in the sixth paragraph.

Now if it had been a Republican, party affiliation as well as the politician’s name would probably have been in the headline and it would have probably also been accompanied by the most awful photo they could find. Zero degrees of separation!

Key Point

Written By D.

I was reading a brochure from TD Wealth Management this morning. There was a section called “Six key points to remember about the Credit Crisis.”

Key point number three was interesting (my emphasis added);

“Credit crises generally run their course over a period of two years or when governments do not let their economies purge themselves of their excesses, in which case the crisis can drag on for years. Japan was the best example of this and their credit crisis lasted the full decade of the 1990’s.”
Is the financial world trying to tell us all something?

Seems to me they are and the message is real clear, it is time for government to spend less, not more.

Right now we are being told that a few Democrats are opposed to some of the items in the Pres-Elect’s “economic recovery plan.”

They are mostly just splitting spending hairs arguing about amounts and how to spend it. If you argue over whether to put the billions here or there, I’d say you are missing the point.

Although, to their credit, Senators Conrad and Gregg both say they are “against using the economic recovery plan for permanent spending increases.” But that probably won’t stop the permanent spending increases, unless they are the toss away part of the "show" to make it appear they are fiscally responsible.

These disagreements are always more about show than go. It may even be aimed at baiting the Republicans into arguing about the merits of parts of the plan, rather than the merits of having a plan at all ... once Republicans take the bait, Democrats give in on something they didn’t care about anyway, claim they compromised and then Republicans and Democrats congratulate themselves for reaching the compromise … and the Democrats get the cover they want in the form of bipartisan support. Hey, Republicans fall for that Liberal trick all the time, that’s part of the reason we are in this mess and in the minority.

I stopped believing that Liberals were capable of any fiscal responsibility long ago. I am also beginning to doubt the will of Republicans to fight the good fight against government excesses.
What would get my attention is if they opposed the plan altogether. In that same AP article, Rep. John Boehner, the House GOP Leader said,” We can’t buy prosperity with more and more government spending.” And my reply is; don’t just talk the Republican talk, walk the Republican walk.

My father once told me, “Be careful of any plan that has the broad support of both parties, it usually means you are about to be “expletive deleted.”” (I won’t use his colorful terminology here)

Folks, right now it doesn’t look like the excesses are going to be purged, so I guess we can expect the crisis to drag on for years.

Want to run for Congress in 2010?

Written By D.

Gals, if any of you ever dreamed of running for Congress, 2010 may be your best chance.

Why? Because GOP candidate recruitment is as likely to as low as their moral right now and you won’t get the normal rush of lower level “risk adverse” career politicians seeking to move up. It just won’t be as difficult to get on a ticket in areas where a Democrat incumbent currently holds the seat. These are the conditions that are ripe for newcomers, especially women newcomers. There is opportunity in defeat, which never exists in victory.

You’ll need the backing of the party. Call the GOP County Chairman/men within your Congressional District and express an interest in running and be prepared to sell him on your qualifications and abilities. If he is interested, he will advise you and open doors for you that will assist in winning the party nomination which gets you the ballot line and party support.

But you must start now. It takes a lot of groundwork, planning, fundraising and campaigning to become a viable candidate. Chances are you will not win the first time so you should be willing to run more than once. That is how many, now famous, politicians got their start.

When the odds in politics become longer, there are fewer people willing to risk taking them. But for those who are willing to go for it, the reward can be all the sweeter. Campaigns are a lot like horse racing, anything can happen during the race. Racing fans know that, most of the time, the favorite wins but long shots occasionally do win.

If you lose, but a make a good showing and earn the respect of the party, you will be surprised at the opportunities that might come your way as a result. If you take the long view, winning and losing are not always as clear cut as they seem.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A salary for the First Lady?

Yes, Even The San Francisco Chronicle Thinks This is a Bad Idea.

Sounds like a trial balloon to see how the country will react to giving Michelle O. a salary because the poor woman will lose money being First Lady. I guess it is not enough that hubby is Pres-Elect. So, do you think if she gets a salary she will finally be proud of her country? Hellooo … the U.S. is in a major economic downturn, people are losing their jobs, homes and savings … and a salary for the First Lady is being floated. UNREAL.

Words Almost Fail Me

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel at a Conference on Globalization, wants a U.N. Economic Council created just LIKE the U.N. Security Council? Yea, the U.N. has been so successful at failure in world security matters, now we should let them have a crack at completely destroying the economy.

SEE: and

“World leaders have said they want to remake the world's financial structures in
the wake of the recent economic turmoil, but there has been no clear consensus
on what needs doing.”

GOT THAT? If not, here is my translation; “We have no idea what we are doing, but we are going to do it anyway.”

Personally, I liked the old capitalism.

Folks, this is serious stuff so I guess that’s why it is not being reported much in the msm.

“Anyone? Anyone?”

Written By D.

A big number doesn’t seem so large without all those zeroes. So saying 1 trillion as opposed to 1,000,000,000,000 is a useful way to make the number seem smaller and to save time typing all those zeroes. But the zeroes are very important and deserve inclusion.

The government of Tax-A-Lot’s deficit numbers are so large most people can’t relate to their actual size, more so without the zeroes, they just know the word “trillion” means a big number. Tax-A-Lot is counting on that as they pile on the debt, deeper and higher.

But here is a way to visualize it;

Yesterday it was reported that the federal deficit for fiscal year 2009 will be $1.2 trillion. That’s $1,200,000,000,000.

That’s a lot of debt, but if you think that is big, check out the total Federal Debt;

The Federal Debt is approximately; $10,600,000,000,000 (10.6 Trillion)

“As of November 19, 2008, the total U.S. federal debt was $10.6 trillion,
with about $37,316 per capita (that is, per U.S. resident). The October 3rd,
2008 bailout bill (H.R.1424), section 122, raised the U.S. debt ceiling from $10
trillion to $11.3 trillion. Of this amount, debt held by the public was roughly
$6.3 trillion. In 2007, the public debt was 36.8 percent of GDP, with a total
debt of 65.5 percent of GDP.”
Source Quoted;

The government has succeeded in making debt a large percentage of GDP.

How much does the government take in from taxes? Well, in 2004, Federal, State and Local government took in over $3,000,000,000,000 ($3 trillion.)

But they just can’t seem to manage on that paltry sum.

Where did that $3,000,000,000,000 come from? The short answer is it came from us taxpayers. But with higher and higher unemployment and more and more people entering retirement, there are fewer and fewer of us.

In case you are curious about the $3,000,000,000,000 broken out by specific taxes, here is a list of taxes for 2004 with all the zeroes;

Table 13. Federal, State and Local Taxes Allocated in the Current
Study, Calendar Year 2004

Federal Taxes
Calendar Year

Payroll Taxes (Contributions for
Government Social Insurance) $802,200,000,000

Individual Income
Taxes $801,400,000,000

Corporate Income Taxes

Estate and Gift Taxes

Gasoline Excise Taxes

Customs Duties, Etc.

Air Transport Excise Taxes

Other Excise Taxes

Diesel Fuel Excise Taxes

Alcoholic Beverages Excise Taxes

Tobacco Excise Taxes

Total Federal Taxes

State and Local Taxes

Property Taxes

General Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes

Individual Income Taxes

Other Taxes on Production and Imports

Corporate Income Taxes

Gasoline Excise Taxes

Other Excise Taxes

Public Utilities Taxes

Insurance Receipts Taxes

Personal Motor Vehicle License Taxes

Tobacco Excise Taxes

Motor Vehicle Licenses on Production & Imports

Severance Taxes $6,900,000,000

Assessments Taxes $6,500,000,000

Personal Property Taxes

Estate and Gift Taxes

Alcoholic Beverages Excise Taxes

Other Personal Taxes

Total State and Local Taxes

Source: U.S. Commerce Department’s
Bureau of Economic Analysis; Tax Foundation

And now we are being warned of the “dire consequences” of not spending more. I seem to recall being warned of the “dire consequences” of not passing the big bailout a few months ago. Yet as the deficit spending increases, the economy continues to tank.

OUESTION: How long do you think we can sustain this ever increasing debt?

ANSWER: Who knows? … I feel like the Economics Professor (played by Ben Stein) in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” when, after asking a question and receiving no reply, he said, “Anyone? Anyone?”

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good News; Earrings for Almost Everyone in Tax-A-Lot!

Written By D.

So the Pres-Elect wants to give a $500 “tax cut.”

Of course unlike the $600 Bush tax rebate last year, this is the Liberal Democrat version, extending the amount of folks who receive it. Apparently, who does the cutting makes all the difference, because now Michelle O. can be “proud” that in America her husband has made it possible so that almost everyone can afford to buy another new pair of earrings. Of course, since the “tax cut” is smaller you will have to settle for less expensive earrings, maybe you can buy them on sale.

What am I talking about?

Back in July, Michelle didn’t much like Bush’s $600 version, here is what she said;
“Barack’s approach is that the short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good. And it may even feel good that first month when you get that check. And then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings.”
My advice; buy gold earrings you can always sell or trade them when you need the money to buy groceries.

Note: This post was written by me at the request of a good friend, hope you’re happy now!

Pres-Elect Appoints Spending “Watchdog”

Written By D.

News flash from Tax-A-Lot … reform of government spending coming to an entitlement program near you. Social Security and Medicare are on the table for spending “reform.” Remember when Republicans tried to reform those programs and Democrats told Senior Citizens that the “Mean-Spirited GOP” wanted to take away their Social Security? My, how times have changed.

Not surprising that “few details” of the reforms were provided, don’t want to anger the Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers who are about to retire before you find a way to blame the GOP for the “reform.”

According to AP;

“President-elect Barack Obama said Wednesday that reforming massive
government entitlement programs — such as Social Security and Medicare — would
be "a central part" of his effort to control federal spending.

Obama made the pledge but provided few details as he named Nancy
Killefer as his administration's chief performance officer, creating a new White
House position aimed at eliminating government waste and improving

With all the bailouts and wild deficit spending that is going on, plus the new spending that is being proposed, excuse me if I doubt the sincerity of this new found fiscal responsibility.

At least the “news light’ folks of the msm can spend endless hours speculating on what breed of dog this watchdog should be … my guess is it will turn out to be a toothless Chihuahua.

Who is going to break the bad news to all those House and Senate Democrats who have built their long careers on entitlement programs and pork spending? Of course they may not notice since, at the moment, they are in a spending feeding frenzy.

In case you didn’t know how broke these programs are;

“projected expenditures for Medicare and Social Security programs exceed tax
revenues by over $40 trillion over the next 75 years. “

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Marquess of Queens-Buries-The-Rules

The fight is on;

And the sport of Boxing will never be the same.

Thanks to Queen Pelosi, the fight rules of Congress have changed;

1. The fight isn’t fair so the size of the majority is the only thing that matters.

2. The gloves are off so forget honest and transparent.

3. Hitting Republicans below the belt is encouraged.

4. When a Republican falls, he is to be trampled and any Democrat can assist in piling on.

5. Any man hanging on the ropes is to be sucker punched, especially Southern Conservative Democrats.

6. Anyone trying to be a reasonable referee, will be tossed from the ring.

7. A Republican on one knee is considered down and out.

8. Republicans are barred from the ring, except in the final knock out round.

9. Shoe and Boot throwing is encouraged.

10. If there is any interference, the lights and microphones will be turned off and the doors locked.

11. The contest in all other respects to be governed by the revised rules of the New Socialist Agenda.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Don’t Blame God

Written By D.

Land is not holy, God is holy. Temples, walls and shrines are not holy, God is holy. Cities are not holy, God is holy. War is not holy, God is holy.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all believe in one God. Christianity and Islam are rooted in Judaism. Yet, each believes they are the true religion.

Each of these religions preach love and tolerance, none are very good at practicing it.

Christianity was formed around the teachings of one individual Jewish prophet. Islamic religion was formed as a uniting force.

We delude ourselves if we believe there will be an end to violence in the name of God. Violence committed in God’s name is really not about him at all. It is about the tribal nature of humans and how those tribes seek to impose their will on others because of their own insecurities and aggression. And we are no more enlightened or advanced in the matter of achieving religious tolerance than we were thousands of years ago, despite all the intellectual study. That is because we are foolish enough to actually believe the violence has anything to do with religion.

The same battles rage on, each claiming God is on their side, I can’t remember a war in the past several hundred years that has been fought where one or both sides failed to drag God into it. There really is no good solution. In regards to the Middle East, many politicians have tried to offer a solution, all have failed and most have just made the situation worse.

Hate is a powerful emotion and when combined with the name of God it becomes a powder keg. Justification for violence in the name of God is merely cover and a refusal to accept the real human motivations behind it. Those motivations mostly boil down to power struggles that have nothing to do with religion.

It is impossible to address the root of the fears and insecurities of man that cause him to choose violence as a solution as long as God is used for cover. A problem cannot be solved if those who have it refuse to recognize the problem for what it is and I don’t see much that has anything to do with God in the Middle East.

In the Middle East, God is simply being used to rally Muslims against Jews and Christians, the excuse is an injustice against Palestinians. But the Palestinians are merely the pawns who do most of the dying. Iran is pulling the strings. They act as though it is a Holy War being fought over a Holy Land, but it is really just another power struggle aimed at focusing hatred in a certain direction. But then, no one would get very excited about it or be so quick to die for it without the word “Holy” added into the mix.

The greater problem is the game we could call “Ultimate World Chess” that preys upon these disagreements. The motivations of these parties are purely selfish and they take the side that benefits them the most to increase the chances of survival of those in power.

That is why you are not hearing real protest from most of the Middle East. They’ve proved more than once that they really don’t care about the fate of the Palestinians and Iran is a greater threat to them than Israel, so they are probably hoping Israel eliminates the problem of Iranian backed Hamas terror. Iran is under the serious possibility of political and economic collapse and rallying support for Palestinians based on religious war in Gaza deflects attention from their internal problems.

Of course, should it benefit any of the parties involved, they will not hesitate to shift allegiances as necessary for whatever gain they seek.

That is why, for instance, The Soviet Union was able to form a non-aggression pact with Germany, but when invaded by Germany in WWII, they joined the Allies. And after the war, they became our enemy over ideology, which is the Communist’s version of religion.

Speaking of Atheists …

Atheists often make the argument that a world without God would be more peaceful. But the Soviet Union proves that Godless states use ideology and cult of personality, in place of God to achieve the same results.

As long as tribes of men are willing to be manipulated by fear and hate mongering leaders, there will be wars. As long as man holds earthly possessions and objects out to be holy and worth fighting for, there will be wars. As long as we allow our insecurities to get the better of our intellect, there will be wars.

So don’t blame God for the fighting in his name, blame the way man has interpreted and used God for his earthly purposes.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

GOP Wisdom

Written By D.

A GOP political mentor of mine once told me that people learn very little from their victories but a lot from their defeats. He said that defeat forces intelligent people to look at the mistakes they made and seek ways to correct them, whereas victory leads to belief in the illusion that you have done everything correctly.

Further, he told me that victories and defeats are really subject to circumstances, many of which are out of your control. But it is important to see what you have done that contributed to either result that was within your control, holding on to what works and applying new ideas to what needs changing. He was a very wise man.

This past election reminds me of the Watergate political era, not because of Watergate, but because of the circumstance of the negative political effects it caused. Right after Watergate, the msm were gleefully pronouncing the GOP dead. Many Republicans running for office actually did not use the word Republican on their political materials. There was talk of a third party. Democrats were gleeful and took every opportunity to “twist the knife in,” so to speak. Republicans lost elected office at all levels of government. The Democrats were the fire ants at the picnic and soon proved they had learned nothing in victory.

It was tough times for the GOP but they were learning much from defeat.

Something important occurred. Many young Republicans refused to be mired in the swamp of the circumstance of Watergate and they stepped up to the plate with enthusiasm, fresh ideas and a willingness to work their hearts out for their beliefs. They were the first to embrace the new, emerging technologies of the computer age and seriously apply them to politics. The RNC sent young field reps into “rough and tumble” political proving ground states like New Jersey where the GOP joked; “that if a Republican could make it there he could make it anywhere.” They teethed on politics and sharpened their skills. They worked long hours, slept in hotel rooms or rented houses, assisting state and county party officials with all aspects of political campaigns and they were having fun doing it. Eventually, these reps would become some of the biggest names in political consulting. But back then they were just worker bees learning their trade the best way anyone can among the folks and the old pols.

These young Republicans helped bring their party back from the dead and within a few years they started winning elections and gaining ground. The circumstance of Jimmy Carter being elected President was a big break for the GOP. After four years of his negative rhetoric filled lectures to the American people, his disastrous handling of the economy and his weakening of the military and U.S. status around the world, people wanted a change because they were not better off under Democrat control. These young Republicans were poised and ready to help make that change happen and Reagan was the right man at the right time to lead them to victory. You could say the very young and the very old teamed up for a smashing success that stunned the Democrats and sent the liberal socialists running for cover. Reagan and his young GOP soldiers became a formidable force.

I tell you this story because after this past election, I am hopeful that history is repeating itself. I see young Republicans refusing to be mired in the swamp of this past election, stepping up to renew their party and infuse it with enthusiasm, fresh ideas and a willingness to work their hearts out for their beliefs. They are applying the latest technologies to GOP politics and seeking to get actively involved in the political process. They see the mistakes and they seek to correct them. It is a very good sign.

The young and the old need to team up to achieve their mutual goals, holding on to what works and applying new ideas to what needs changing. The young pols are the future and the old pols need to mentor them, listen to and embrace their good ideas, encourage their participation and then let them run with the ball. This past election may be the best thing that has happened to the GOP since Carter. It has created a new generation of Republican activists and this old pol will be cheering wildly for their success.



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