Sunday, March 22, 2009


Written By D.

There are many jokes on the internet right now that refer to TOTUS, the President’s teleprompter. I hear it even has its own official seal. The references are mostly in regards to O being fed information through his teleprompter and his apparent dependency on it.

This dependency on a teleprompter by someone we were told during the campaign was highly intelligent because of his Ivy League education and speaking ability, is an interesting observation. It appears that his ability to communicate diminishes substantially without it and that is troubling.

But instead of dwelling on the teleprompter, shouldn’t the real question be who is behind the teleprompter?

Like the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard was larger than life but behind the smoke and projected image was a little man hidden behind a curtain who was the true ruler of Oz.

So shouldn’t we be asking who really rules Oz and, like Toto, pull back the curtain to expose those who are trying to project the image of O as a “great and powerful” Wizard? After all, even Dorothy’s little dog Toto knew enough to sniff out a sham and expose it.

We need to start asking who is in charge? Americans need to know because we didn’t elect that person, he is neither POTUS nor TOTUS – but he appears to be in control and is formulating some very bad policy for our country.

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Anonymous said...

I was once the wizard behind the prompter...and had to work with the Wicked Witch once married to Humphrey Bogart...mean as a snake, but GREAT stories.

It looks like Obama is at a tennis's just too hard to watch, and then you get the feeling that just a few thoughts are his own...that the pupperteer is pulling the strings, again. It's distracting and disheartening, is what it is!




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