Thursday, December 18, 2008

Asserting Your Power

Written By D.

Powers of the weak are always fascinating. The people who run political blog sites, henceforth called “leaders,” are really trying to amass power through numbers. They solicit new members, or “suckers,” by taking up a cause and voicing opinion whether liberal or conservative. If enough suckers buy into it, the leaders control “X” amount of suckers and leverage them into a seat at the power table. This could lead to TV and radio appearances, book deals, advertising dollars, and adoring attention from fans and invitations from the real political power players. I especially love the sites that brag about how “important” people in Washington read their posts. But I imagine really important people don’t have the time to read all the thoughtful garbage out there.

Most of these site leaders are just weaklings trying to make themselves more important than they really are but with the proliferation of these sites this power becomes more and more diffused. Very few new sites will make it to the big time because they really have nothing new to offer. And I imagine even established sites will lose readers as time goes on because people will tire of them and go elsewhere.

Those who began sites several years ago certainly still have the advantage simply because they have established a readership. But they play God on their sites and it stokes their ego to allow or disallow membership in their group. The members (suckers) tend to suck up big time to these leaders in hope that they will be a featured blogger on their site or be looked upon with favor, possibly being graced with a reply or comment by the “leader.” Heaven forbid if a member dares to constructively criticize anything they do or say, they will get thrown off the site. Yet, they claim to be set up to voice free opinion for a cause. Just proves that no opinion is ever free.

Certain things I have noticed on conservative sites (I don’t visit liberal sites so I wouldn’t know about them) is the rehash effect. One of the big sites I like to visit is “Hot Air.” It amuses me that when they post something, all of a sudden all the “me toos” jump on it and basically the same information is rephrased in slightly different words going round and round. There is very little that could pass for original thought coming out of these “me too” sites. Certain leader bloggers are so stuck on their own rhetoric that it is actually painful to read, especially when they advocate mean spirited sniping. More words do not a thoughtful commentary make.

Another thing I noticed is every time there is a real call to action, it usually gets ignored. These sites are static places that are really going nowhere. The leaders have no interest in action only self-interest.

An observation I’ve made is when one of the members posts a good blog, the response they get is not measured by the quality of it. For instance, if the blog is posted by the site “leader” it will get positive responses no matter how stupid or vile it’s content, whereas if one of the “suckers” were to post the same thing, they would get no responses or negative ones. I actually see “suckers” post things and get no response then the “Leader” takes the same information, rewrites it as their own post and get tons of responses and praise. Proves the old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

There are a few good sites out there “American Thinker “ comes to my mind. They are an excellent source of information and they do their homework. They also tend to be very tolerant of the civil opinions of others. Maybe that is why they are a successful site.

On a purely psychological level, it is fascinating to watch how easily the “suckers” are manipulated into believing how important it is to actually have a seat at a particular table, when in reality they are just being used for someone’s personal gain. I guess even though it’s not written in the Constitution, you do have the right to be a sucker! But just remember you suckers are the real power givers because if enough of you choose to go elsewhere then the leader becomes powerless. There are lots of other sites to choose from who might serve you better because their leaders are better.

I have high hopes for Smart Girl Politics. They really do have something new to offer “words AND action!” They also offer civility and leadership that listens and responds. If you are tired of being someone else’s sucker on the static line, come join us. And, it is not just for women, you guys are welcome too! You don’t have to be a sucker and settle for the “me toos.”

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