Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's Goin' Down in Chi-Town?

Amazing story about the Governor of Illinois being indicted today over the open Senate seat, no? Sadly, not so surprising anymore! Illinois/Chicago politics continue to be a cesspool of corruption and this is just one more example of why our state and federal governments are falling apart. Until Americans are willing to take a stand and start forcing these guys out of office, we will continue to hear story after story about corrupt politicians who are wiiling to sacrifice the well-being of their constituents for their own power and gain and in the end most will suffer very few consequences for their actions. Why? Because fully half the country is willing to excuse the behavior. I personally don't get it. I have no idea why more people are not screaming bloody murder when it comes to these guys getting away with criminal activity! Is it because it takes effort? Is it because they don't think they can make a difference? Is it because they really don't understand the ramifications of letting a corrupt government run roughshod over its citizens? Or is it a differnce in definitions regarding what constitutes criminal behavior? I have a feeling it's all of the above, along with thee double standard that has been set for politicians regarding their culpability when it comes to anything they touch. We have lost control of the people who are supposed to be working for US, folks. This latest news from Chicago is a perfect example of how power can corrupt.

Another story from Chicago...the factory that shut down due to Bank of America's decision to withhold credit has been granted an extension of needed credit by bank of America. Hmmm...let's recap. The workers got laid off and decided to send a message by staging a PEACEFUL and COLLECTIVELY UNITED protest and guess what? They made a difference! Bank of America realized it is in their best interest (especially since they just received 25 billion in bailouts) to do the right thing. This is proof positive that there is power in numbers, that the "little people" can and do make a difference and that we have the ability to take back our country! Kudos to all of those employees who were willing to put forth a show of solidarity and suffer some personal discomfort in order to get their message heard. It paid off. Unity in ideals and purpose can change the tide of any battle. Liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, it is going to take a united citizenship to turn the tide of corrupt politics in this country, but folks in Chicago just showed it can be done. David just slew Goliath.

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