Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Terminator Time

Written By D.

The Governor of California says he will lay off 10,000 state employees in response to the failure of the legislature to pass tax increases. The total could be 20,000 employees. That is 20,000 out of a total of 2.5 million state employees. The msm usually forgets to mention the fact that California has that many government employees.

My first question is: If you can respond to not getting your way with increased taxes and layoff 10,000 people, did you really need those employees in the first place?

My second question is: Will the taxpayers of California miss them, or even realize that they are gone?

My third question: What is more important; 10,000 government jobs or the ruin more taxes will cause to California’s economy?

People and businesses have been voting with their feet in large numbers as they flee California for friendlier economic ground. Earth to California; you have a problem and tax increases will only make it worse.

When economic times are hard, government cutbacks are in order. It seems the only people expected to make sacrifices are the taxpayers. The solution to economic problems is not more taxes, it is cutbacks, and that means shrinking the size of government.

California has more idiotic rules and regulations than any other state, you could say they are the model for Socialism in this country and that is no complement. That’s why the world’s eighth largest economy is going under fast.

Now a reasonably intelligent person would say: We have gone too far and we need to revisit our idiotic policies and make changes. We need to stop listening to and appeasing every special interest “I’ve got a gripe” group of leftwing nutcases and do only what is best for the majority of California taxpayers.

It is time for states as well as the federal government to look at ways to shrink government and reduce regulations. Reality is people in the private sector face the possibility of losing their jobs in tough economic times. While no one wants to see others lose their job, do state employees deserve to be treated differently? Are they so important and special that they should be guaranteed employment for life no matter what the cost to the taxpayers?

Rather than using layoffs as a threat, use it as a part of a plan to help relieve a government that is suffering out of control bloat. Ask yourself: Exactly why is it that California taxpayers should be upset by a reduction in government employees beyond a bit of sympathy?

Prove to us that you are serious about solving the economic problems you have helped to create and you will be taken seriously. It is time to Cowboy Up and make the hard choices.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, here's what is frightening...tonight on Lou Dobbs, he made a claim that CA ranked 49th in education. Have you heard that anywhere else...that can't possibly be true, can it?

Oh wait...after living there for 10 years and actually working a few shoots with the CA Teachers Association and hearing them talk about how badly new administration bldgs. were needed and watching them spend tens of millions of dollars on those bldgs. and then they turn around to give $1.5 million to fight Prop 8 out of their dues and the Los Angeles Unified School District keeping bad teachers on the payroll - teachers that have 3 inch thick files of complaints...yeah, I can see where CA is really starting to lose the ground towards education...but 49th?! Damn.

Jump ship, everyone - each man, woman and child for themselves....but please, please, please leave your dumb, no-good, liberal politics on the left coast!!!

BTW - Vote Union! NOT!!!!



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