Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Majority of Two

Written By D.

Do Senators Arlen Specter and Sue Collins believe they are reasonable, independent and thoughtful legislators because they support the “compromise” stimulus, which is really no compromise at all?

The tip-off that this is not compromise seems to be Carl Levin saying outright that they’ll just try to get the rest of their pork back in.

There is no good justification for losing the compromise negotiations and caving into the Democrats while trying to make it look like they achieved something. If they stop for a moment and look around they might see that none of the other usual RINO suspects are standing closely beside them and you would think that might give them pause for concern. And if it is such a needed piece of legislation how come no one wants to be the 60th vote?

I realize that both Maine and Pennsylvania are in financial difficulty and stimulus pork will be going their way. But the stimulus package contains much that is very questionable non stimulus spending.

For instance; ACORN funding is still in the bill and I predict that money will be used for “community organizing” against Republicans through voter registration, GOTV and collection of Census data which will impact redistricting. So supporting this bill could provide government funding that is destructive to the fairness of the political process. Think of it, our tax dollars being used against us politically.

Specter and Collins in their “five minutes of fame” moment can try to spin their support anyway they want, but I don’t think it will wash with people who understand the significance of this horrible piece of socialist spending legislation.

Interesting, neither Pennsylvania nor Maine voters have the right to recall their politicians. Voters might want to consider changing their state constitutions to include recall after they see the damage caused by this spending spree.

When the spending spree fails to deliver and the economy worsens, remember those who voted for it. Let’s make sure their five minutes of fame lives on forever in infamy.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, when you have to pull Ted Kennedy out of his coma induced haze and bring him back in to DC so you can really on his votes...says you ain't got the support like you want the support.

Questions is - how does someone like Specter keep getting elected. Good Heavens!

Sad, sad, sad!!!



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