Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pelosi Next Under The Bus?

Written By D.

This story at Fox News belies any myth about Democrat unity. Would Congressman Jim Cooper be out there saying the O team encouraged him to defy Nancy on Stimulus unless they wanted it publicly known?,2933,487632,00.html

Now the story seems to be that O team wanted a clean Stimulus bill but House gave them a messy bill. House Dems did not even read it? They were told to just sign it?

Well, if O Team wanted a clean bill why did they support the messy one? Why didn’t they ask that it be cleaned up? Why didn’t they urge Nancy to work with the GOP on it? Why weren’t members encouraged to read it?

Now that the pork in the bill has been exposed and it is rapidly losing favor with the voters, looks more to me like they want to find someone to blame for this terrible piece of legislation and for the failure of the bill to gain bipartisan support and Nancy drew the short straw. Of course she set herself up to be the whipping boy with her highly partisan behavior. But there is plenty of blame to go around between them.

Yet, the buck stops at the White House. Who wanted the bill in the first place? Who made the pork campaign promises? Who wanted it quickly? Who urged its passage? Who proclaimed “I won” and, while urging GOP compromise, offered none in return?

With Conservative Democrats in open rebellion, GOP criticism of her leadership and the White House calling her stimulus bill messy, Nancy may find she has few friends willing to go to bat for her. But there is plenty of blame to go around. So much for personal responsibility in “every man for himself” Washington.

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Anonymous said...

Oh now, don't get me salivating. And what is her approval rating to boot? Last I heard it was 9.6%, but that was before Jan. 20th - who knows what it is many Democrats pulling away from her.

Why? Because they are starting to realize they work for their State, their people not for Nancy Pelosi. And you know, their people have been giving them an ear full about the over amount of money being added to the Stimuli of Nancy Pelosi.

Seriously, someone tackle her, before she hurts us or herself any further.

Word of caution to 'the' someone, I would wear a hazmat suit.



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