Saturday, November 22, 2008


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I heard that there were Democrats out there during the election encouraging folks to vote twice because the election was “stolen” from them in 2000. They try to justify encouraging illegal behavior by saying it is “only fair” they be allowed to vote more than once this time to even the score. In the first place, the 2000 election has become the stuff of liberal fantasy. What really happened in 2000 was that we refused to let them steal the election AGAIN.

They are either too young or too stupid to remember 1960. Nixon won that election, but it was stolen away by voter fraud. Nixon was urged to contest it but he refused, because he believed it would throw the country into turmoil. It is no surprise that Chicago played a major part in that fraud.

I have asked myself; What can I learn from this election and how can the next one be made better?

We can’t do much about the things we have no control over. For instance, we can’t control the media and make them honest.

There is one thing we can control. We can fight the voter fraud. This election gives us the perfect opportunity to start a discourse and a campaign all across this country to demand fair elections. Voter fraud has had the light of day shown on it this year as never before. Americans would be very foolish to ignore it.

No one knows how many illegal votes were cast in this election, but I believe it was massive. I don’t know about you, but that makes me angry. The arrogance of those who are committing the fraud is based on our past behavior because it is assumed, and rightfully so, that we will not do anything about it. They are flaunting our election laws, using the liberal courts to back up their illegal activities and WE LET THEM.

Our party has been victim of this fraud for many years and I see this as a rare opportunity to begin to rid our country of the massive voter fraud committed by those who have sought to corrupt our political system. We are going to have to demand that our party and our elected officials act and the only way that will happen is if we come together and keep the pressure on them, especially at the state level.

Addressing voter fraud is one of the most important issues facing our country because it threatens our freedom. It is too important to ignore. It won’t just go away on its own, but it can and will get worse if we turn a blind eye toward it.

Something is fundamentally wrong and we need to correct it. When polled, Americans time and time again overwhelmingly support voter photo ID. Yet, when I searched for a voter fraud website, I couldn’t find a serious one (if anyone here knows of one, please give me the link.) I encourage all conservative websites to take up this cause and get involved. Please consider addressing what we can all do to fight voter fraud and keep it on the front burner. This is not a part time endeavor to be fretted over, acted upon during the election, complained about after the election and then forgotten until the next election.

This needs to be a full time effort and we need our party to make it a top priority all the time. Please encourage the RNC to establish a full time voter fraud unit that works to support a tightening of state laws and requires voter photo ID. They could use the massive email list of the RNC to let people know who to contact when state legislation is introduced that requires our support. This unit could host seminars, especially in swing states, training people in state election law and how to combat and report fraud. These people would then become a knowledgeable on the ground team working during elections. They also need to pursue punishment for those who seek to intimidate voters at polling places.

Weak knees, that collapse when the laws are challenged by accusatory words like “disenfranchised” won’t make it happen. It’s time for the squirrels to clean up the acorns.

Always protect your freedom, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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