Monday, November 24, 2008


Written By D.

Ever wonder why 18 wheelers blow so many tires? It is because they use retreads.
When the retread portion of the tire separates, it spreads debris all over the highway and can pose a real danger to other drivers who swerve to avoid it.

They told us voters that if we supported McCain we’d get four more years of Bush. They didn’t mention that voting for them would get us four more years of Clinton, Wilson and FDR.

Turns out the old Wilson/FDR agenda of the man from “Hope” is the “change” they were talking about. It only makes sense to dredge up former Clinton staffers if you are promoting the Wilson/FDR agenda. After all, no one understands it better than they do.

Give credit where credit is due. The offerings of change from the left are all the same old retreads of the Wilson and FDR “control the folks through bigger government agenda.” There is nothing new about seeing a crisis as an opportunity to promote a socialist agenda, higher taxes, youth indoctrination, the WPA and the media spinning it all as “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

The Clinton retreads are the real winners of the election. If only they had lived to see this day, the Wilson and FDR staffers would have been so proud of them.

Looks like we are all going to have to be careful for the next four years and try to avoid being hit with the flying debris from the left. Hope your defensive driving skills are sharp.

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Great analogy!!

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