Thursday, November 20, 2008


Written By D

If you have children or helped raise younger siblings, you will understand that toddlers like to push the envelope, especially male toddlers. That is why despite the fact that, when he was a toddler, I told my younger brother NOT TO EVER stick anything in an electrical outlet, he took a kitchen knife and tried to do it anyway. I caught him in time and he is lucky to still be here.

Well, I see Liberals as the toddlers of the political world. They are the group that never grew out of the terrible twos. Conservatives are the parents that have to keep a constant vigilant eye on their behavior to save the Libs and the rest of us from the negative effects of their behavior.

The Libs don’t even bother to disguise their immaturity. They rant and rave, make ugly faces, throw temper tantrums and whine hoping this behavior will win the day. If that doesn’t work they use the “I hate you!” method every parent will recognize. If that doesn’t work, they very often try to get away with whatever they want to do when you aren’t looking. They have shown time and again for the past 90 years that no trick, no matter how dirty, is below them in their efforts to pursue their socialist one world agenda.

The extreme left try to disguise themselves as enlightened intellectuals, but most of the garbage they write (example: “Kill Your Parents”) could have been written in crayon by an angry child. And their bullying can be seen on any playground during recess. I think of all the things they say they want, not unlike children, rebellion is what they crave most.

They push us and test our limits, constantly offering all kinds of off the wall legislation, daring us to try and stop them. Unfortunately, over the years, many Conservative parents have caved into the pressure just to get them off their backs. They have tried to meet them halfway on their crazy schemes and so we are dragged further and further into the lefto abyss. Our skills definitely need an infusion of “just say no” parenting. Parents must always consistently stick to their principles because as with any child given an inch, they’ll try to take a mile.

And while no one in their right mind would allow two year olds to run the country that is what we are about to experience. The Id and the Ego will be in play, but without a Superego to constrain them if they actually achieve a 60 vote majority, the toddlers will be in complete control.

And without enough Conservative parents to stop them, all manner of havoc will break loose. Irresponsible self-gratification will rule the day. (This should keep the folks who hand out Darwin Awards very busy.)

Every parent knows that toddlers should not be given control over their world because they have very little self-control, most aren’t even potty trained. Heaven knows what will become of our country with no one to stop them. We can definitely count on much higher taxes and the new definition of rich will be anybody who has anything worth taking. But I get the creepy feeling taxes are only the tip of their iceberg.

That is why I urge you to be a good Conservative parent and support Saxby Chambliss in his run-off election. We are going to need every Conservative vote in the Senate that we can muster. The toddlers are focusing their time and money on this race big time. You can contribute to his campaign at

The Left is standing at the electrical outlet with their kitchen knife in hand, and if we don’t try to stop them they won’t be the only ones who end up suffering the consequences of their bad behavior.

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Stacy said...

Great Blog D. I really like your take on things. It gives a unique perspective.

Geri said...

Hey D - Totally agree. But as any decent parent knows, when the boundaries have been ignored for awhile and all of the sudden new rules are put in place, the toddlers will push back even harder to test the new boundaries and see if parents are serious about enforcing them. In other words, it ususally gets worse before it gets better. I'm afraid we are going to have some tough times trying to get these guys back in line. Having said that, we can't not try! It'll be hard work, but worth it 4 years from now when we get our country back!

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

D... I do not agree with this blog. I think both sides have a huge deal of problems. Look at what Bush did to the country. Look at where we are economically. We are in a huge hole and it wasn't the liberals who did this. It was the conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Look at where we are economically. We are in a huge hole and it wasn't the liberals who did this. It was the conservatives.

Actually that is where you are wrong. It was Clinton (a liberal) who set the housing market into tailspin by forcing bankers to make bad loans. It was Christopher Dodd and Barack Obama who were the two highest paid senators concerning Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Obama received over $150,000 from the two. Bush tried to institute an oversight committee that would've prevented this but was blocked at every turn and was told he was making a mountain out of a molehill. It was Barney Frank (a liberal) who kept saying everything was fine and then when it blew up in his face immediately tried to blame it on Bush. This financial crisis we are facing is very much liberal made. The conservatives tried to stop it.

Your blog was totally on point. Especially how boys try to push the boundaries. I am raising a boy-he's five-so we are at that stage right now. It is getting better but I am amazed there are any men on the planet at all because they spend the first 18 years trying to find new ways to kill themselves! In fact, I often hear myself telling him, "Hey I am not raising a liberal here!" It is amazing how much the two groups have in common.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was linked here by a commenter at The American Thinker.

That was very well said! As a mother of six, I an in total agreement with you.

If it's alright, I'm going to add you to my blog roll. We conservative women need to stick together.



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