Sunday, November 23, 2008


Evidently Sara Palin pardoning a turkey in Wassilla, Alaska Friday was big news. To me news is the progress that we are making in Iraq but of course that is rarely reported on in the dominate liberal media.
No, news to liberal media types is Sara Palin pardoning a turkey. After the pardon took place she gave an interview and in the background a turkey is in the "process" of becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I happen to be a conservative woman and a vegan. So no, I will not be eating turkey on Thanksgiving day, or any other day.
But what I find offensive in the coverage of this "story" is not the turkey, but the fact that it is a story at all. Where do liberals think that the meat at the grocery store or their favorite restaurant comes from? I wonder how many of the people reporting and commenting on this story will be eating turkey themselves on Thursday? I wonder if the President Elect will be eating turkey on Thanksgiving, maybe someone should ask him. Would the President Elect eating turkey make Sara Palin less offensive to liberals? Probably not. No, this is just another attack on Sara Palin.
The message here is clear. Sara Palin is a conservative female politician and that is what is unacceptable to liberals. Liberals feign such horror over the slaughtering of a turkey and are "pro choice"? There are certainly things about liberals I will never understand.

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D said...

Glad to see I am not blogging alone here! Speaking of Turkeys, I think of liberals every time I stuff one! What I like most about Palin is that she "gets it." That is rare in a politician.



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