Friday, November 21, 2008


Written By D.

When I woke up this morning and checked my email I noticed one from the RNC that offered me a Teddy Bear named “Nick” in return for a $35.00 contribution … and for a $150.00 contribution I could COLLECT ALL SIX stuffed animals … “Nick, Max, Maxine, Patrick, Victor & Sam “… in the RNC collection! (I don’t want to even get into the fact that only one out of the six has a female name … yea, better not to go there D.)

First I checked to make sure it wasn’t an email from Macy’s … nope, it was from the RNC alright. I got to wondering if this was a specific fundraising appeal aimed at women (and men looking to buy something cute for their wives or daughters.) But that thought was too horrible for my intelligence to contemplate … yea, better not go there either D.

This year I contributed to four different GOP Congressional and Senate races at the federal level, not one of them offered me a Teddy Bear. Sucker that I am, I should have held out for a Teddy Bear, but I was undeterred in my support of the conservative agenda. I gave because those candidates were real conservatives and appeared to share my values. They appealed to me for a contribution in the good old fashioned way of political fundraising … on the issues.

Silly me, here I am seeking better representation for my contribution dollars when I could give the RNC mother ship $35.00 and get “Nick,” PLUS a vague promise to build the party from the grassroots up … AS WELL AS an effort to block the left wing agenda! Wow, I’m going to get all that for only $35.00? Heck, “Nick” must be worth $3.50 alone, add in the mailing costs and I get the party back on its feet for only $29.50 … what a bargain.

Trouble is, they didn’t give me any specifics or even try to appeal to my intelligence. They didn’t address how, or even if, they were going to fight voter fraud or what kind of an effort they were going to launch to assist in party building among our youth. Not to mention what they are going to do to save our IRAs and 401ks from taxation and possible confiscation, or cut the budget, or stop pork barrel spending, or stopping bailouts … etc., etc. You get what I am driving at here.

Yes RNC, even us Gals are interested in the issues and our fundraising efforts should be built upon offering intelligent answers to the many major issues facing our party and our country. I like Teddy Bears, but if I want one, I’ll go to Macy’s.

No wonder there are tens of thousands of frustrated GOP supporters out there blogging their hearts out with criticisms of our party’s structure and need for revamping, hoping that their party will hear their voices and actually do something about it. I’ve seen dozens of good suggestions … helloooo is anyone listening?

Want my money? Then tell me specifically what you intend to do with it to promote the Conservative agenda.

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Geri said...

Seriously? Is Hallmark now in charge of the RNC's marketing campaigns? The Brainiac who came up with the Teddy Bear Campaign needs to have his/her head examined. Did they not just witness what happened in our country? Obviously they are missing a big part of the picture here...which is that they would get many more donations if they gave away Star Wars memorabilia. Am I right?

Seriously, this was one of the saddest things I read today. We are gonna have to work really hard to overcome this kind of idiocy and lack of connection with the "real people" of the conservative movement.



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