Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Betcha

written by D

It seems quite a few of the elite folks on the left and many RINOS are very disturbed by Sarah Palin. There is no end to the criticism of her hair, make-up, clothing, family, lifestyle and intelligence.

I find most interesting the attempt to connect comments about her choice of words and manner of speaking to her intelligence. The Palin critics seem to be giving her a failing grade on the vocabulary portion of their Northeastern Intellectual Litmus Test.

But let’s face it, that is not what is really bothering them. Ever notice liberals only believe there are two classes of people worth mentioning; the rich and the poor? When Sarah Palin spoke to the middle class and inspired them, it drove the left insane, to the point where it acquired the title of “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” Good common sense, plain language, real world solutions and a positive attitude threaten the very fabric of their existence. But in the upside down world of the liberal, normal is abnormal.

The fear is real and palpable that is why they continue their assault on her despite the fact that the election battle is over. Sarah Palin is not elite and heaven forbid if middle class women act up and support one their own for the highest office. They think people who talk like Palin are supposed to park the cars of the liberal elite and the RINOS. They are supposed to wait tables in their favorite restaurants and hold doors open for them. They are to be treated with polite, respectable contempt and given a tip for their services. THEY ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO LEAD.

After all, using middle class productivity to enrich themselves while belittling and subjugating them has always been one of their preoccupations. That is why they are so supportive of preventing middle class success through regulation and taxation. A friend, speaking of the liberal elites, once said to me, “They want you to work hard and aim to succeed, but do all in their power to see that you do not actually succeed.”

That is why I have always thought that the middle class is the “feminine” among our class structure. Like women, they are expected to hold everything together while being vilified and denied basic credit for their efforts. And like women, the middle class are supposed to be seen and not heard. That makes Palin, who is middle class and a woman, the double threat. I guess they figure if they destroy Palin the rest of us middle class women will head for hills in fear.

But they underestimate us. Those large, adoring crowds at Palin rallies only got larger and drove the elites crazy because they saw it as a threat and a possible new movement in the making. The many tens of thousands of people who have come to the defense of Sara Palin on the Internet is cause for great concern among them. She has rallied so many women to her defense because they can identify with her. Their attacks on her have only backfired and they couldn't stem the tide of her popularity.

They don’t understand the middle class and the precarious balancing act between poverty and wealth that we live everyday of our lives. Sarah Palin is a middle class hero for women because she personifies our hopes, dreams, values and common sense. Her vocabulary speaks to us and we understand it. The ridicule of Palin is really the ridicule of middle American women . . . and that is a point that middle American women are quite savvy enough to understand.

The middle class is facing massive tax increases, small business failures with resulting higher unemployment, greater restrictions on personal liberties, and a full frontal assault on our value system. Yet we are supposed to somehow continue being productive so the elites can spread what little wealth we have, to support those who hold us in disdain. And, as always throughout history, women will be the hardest hit.

Is there an angry group of conservative middle American women out there? YOU BETCHA! And BY GOLLY they think Sarah Palin, a middle class woman, would make a fine leader. I urge all conservative women to get involved in the political process. We need many more like Sarah out there fighting for our causes. We can make it happen and wouldn't it be SWELL if we were finally represented by people who actually understood us?

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