Thursday, January 8, 2009

A salary for the First Lady?

Yes, Even The San Francisco Chronicle Thinks This is a Bad Idea.

Sounds like a trial balloon to see how the country will react to giving Michelle O. a salary because the poor woman will lose money being First Lady. I guess it is not enough that hubby is Pres-Elect. So, do you think if she gets a salary she will finally be proud of her country? Hellooo … the U.S. is in a major economic downturn, people are losing their jobs, homes and savings … and a salary for the First Lady is being floated. UNREAL.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think, it's too bad of an idea. The First Lady works awful hard for our country and gives up a majority of her life and freedom, too.

If they are going to do it, then they vote it in and implement it in 2012 on the next election cycle. Kinda like the emoluments undue pressure.

I will have to voice up about this if they do it mid-term. I don't think that would be fair.

D said...


I agree that First Ladies work very hard, but the job comes with many perks already. Plus the timing of this, during the current economic meltdown, has an out of touch element to it.
If a First Lady wants an income, there are always book deals to be had! Celebrity has it's perks.

Anonymous said...

Well, they could always script in it that she gets no designer dresses or the occasional $300 haircuts on the house.

Many of the perks and such would have to go bye-bye. Obviously not the house or the car or plane, but it has always bothered me about all the serious swag that the First Ladies get, I've never thought that was right. This could be a wonderful chance on stopping those perks, because in a salary, the First Lady would held to accountability.

Will it happen, probably not, and if it does my voice will be heard by my reps on the pros and cons of such a measure.

Of course, they could always tax the swag just like they started doing in Hollywood a few years back.

D said...


If someone offered me the choice between swag and book deals or a salary, I'd take the swag and book deals! But I think Michele would probably want it all!




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