Monday, January 26, 2009

LESS = MORE for Pelosi

Written By D.

I went to Google and typed in “Pelosi says more needed.”

It gave me 254,000 hits, the headlines were mostly about how she wants more money. No surprise there ...

THEN ...

I went to Google and typed in “Pelosi says less needed.”

It gave me 234,000 hits … BUT … and here’s the kicker … the headlines were still MOSTLY ABOUT HOW SHE WANTS MORE MONEY! I guess there should be no surprise there either.

And the hits just keep coming!

Simple Equation For Republicans;

Jobs = Tax Cuts – (Pelosi, Reid + Federal Spending x Obama)

3 Comentários:

Junior said...

I would like to see LESS of Pelosi yapping on and on endlessly as if she is the expert of life and everything.

"Throw more money down the hole" is not a valid strategy and I wish someone would call her out as a clueless, blabbering fool.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama is having to school Pelosi on the contraceptive issue. WH saying that Obama is not in favor of that type of pork.

Pelosi could just be losing her power struggle game with 'The Man' - if he puts her in her place, now and often, I will have more respect for him.

She doesn't have a low approval rating for nothing, you know.

D said...


I figure the more she talks the better for Conservatives, cause she is not real popular.




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