Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dress for Success?

Written By D.

Replicating Lincoln’s inauguration is not what I would have chosen as a “theme” party. Nostalgia and history are two different things. The Democrats have adopted Lincoln as one of their own. First they replicated his funeral for JFK and now his inaugural. You would think they could come up with Democrats FDR or Wilson for their reenactments of history.

I guess that is because the Democrats are much like the Whig Party that Lincoln was a long time member of before it fell apart and he became a Republican. But he never stopped being a Whig. Besides, usurping the other Party’s guy is so much more Machiavellian.

I really wouldn’t want our country to emulate, over the next term of office, years of civil war, the suspended writ of habeas corpus, destruction of vast amounts of property, inflation, shortages, forced impressments, church burnings, hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, family turned against family, trampling on state rights, rape and pillage and thousands of imprisonments for merely being critical of the government.

Although a re-enactment of Lincoln shutting down the msm for the slightest of criticism would be an interesting and ironic turn of events, I would be against it in any form.

At the time of Lincoln’s election with less than 40% of the popular vote, he was so despised there were plots against his life. He actually had to sneak into Washington for his inaugural dressed as a woman. He succeeded in getting into town, disguised as an old woman, complete with hunched over walk. Talk about dress for success.

I’m sure glad they decided to skip re-enacting that part of the story.

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