Saturday, January 24, 2009

NY Politics … “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

Written By D.

I LOVE NY – NY POLITICS that is … Here we go, liberal hysteria aimed at Paterson and his choice for Senate.

There are claims that Paterson split the Democrat party, enhanced with attacks on his work ethic, abilities and management style. The threats are coming fast and furious that Cuomo will challenge him in a primary for Governor and that a Lib Congresswoman will challenge Gillibrand for senate in a primary. But in reality isn’t it just a few disgruntled libs with an over inflated sense of self?
It’s a regular New York minute.

But if we cut through some in the left’s hysteria and hyperventilation over this appointment there is much to see, learn and question.

The Democrats were already badly split in NY. Accusing Paterson of splitting them up is a joke. Some who would gain from the accusation are trying to sell it and saying Paterson self-destructed with this appointment. I think not.

Does the following information sound like NY Democrat unity to you?

Many Clinton supporters wanted Gillibrand, why?

Remember Kennedy did not support Hillary for President. Although Cuomo endorsed Hillary for President and she endorsed him for NY Attorney General, Hillary didn’t endorse Cuomo when he ran for NY Governor in a primary against McCall and Cuomo eventually had to drop out of the race.

Paterson supported Hillary in her run for President. Who will the Clintons support for Governor? I’m guessing Paterson.

It is widely reported that the Kennedys and the Cuomos are not on friendly terms .Will the Kennedys support Cuomo in a primary bid against Paterson? My guess is they’ll stay out of it.

The President is said to be pleased with the appointment and apparently Caroline wished her well. But the Cuomo supporters attacked Paterson. Caroline is moving on, Cuomo is not, his supporters are vowing a gubernatorial primary fight against Paterson.

A Cuomo primary fight with Paterson would likely be all or nothing for Cuomo, does he want to take that chance against an incumbent who also happens to be the first African American Governor of NY? If Cuomo loses, chances are there won’t be any more comebacks. I believe Steve Kornacki gets it right in this New York Observer article;

Ever since Paterson was named Governor, certain liberals have been looking down their nose at him. If I were in his shoes, I would realize they were not going to support my candidacy for Governor no matter what I did to appease them, so why bother trying? What to do? Easy, form alliances with others and position himself for support from some of the most powerful people in politics.

Enter Alphonse D’Amato, former NY GOP Senator and now big time lobbyist and friend of Gillibrand’s REPUBLICAN father, also a big time lobbyist. D’Amato already held a fundraiser for Paterson. Gillibrand interned in D’Amato’s Senate office many years ago. Gillibrand will be able to raise big money for her campaign in 2010 and also for Paterson.

Somewhere out there is the real threat of Rudy Giuliani running for Governor of NY. Giuliani and D’Amato have an on again, off again relationship.

Giuliani has said he is endorsing Pete King for Senate

Looks like the battle lines are being drawn. (And what’s up with Giuliani’s complement to Caroline?)

With the appointment of Gillibrand, who do you think D’Amato will support for Governor, I’m guessing Paterson and there is gold in “them thar hills.”

2010 is not 2008 - No one who assumes the Liberals will still be in the same power position they are in now truly understands the fickleness of the electorate. Two years is a lifetime in politics especially in hard economic times. Paterson seems to understand that a turn to the right is a real possibility and that Gillibrand has the credentials and money backers to survive it. In the process Paterson seems to be gathering a rally of the moderate Democrats, RINOS and Independents around him so he too can survive it. If he succeeds, these few angry anti-Paterson liberals are about to find out they are a small insignificant group that live isolated, out of touch lives in NYC.

One more thing and maybe the most telling of all, the very liberal Chuck Schumer is also pleased with Gillibrand’s appointment; Apparently, he gets it. Paterson is the man with the plan.

Over the next two years, DINOS (Democrats in name only) may become the next big thing in politics. Democrats are good at surviving, if nothing else.

Anyone up for singing a political chorus of “I Will Survive”

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Anonymous said...

Gees Louise, this sounds like a major Soap Opera - Hollywood couldn't write this stuff if they tried.

It looks like Patterson is at the center of NY's gaseous universe.

Kudos to Gillibrand for putting Obama on hold during her press conference. Gotta love that!

D said...


You are right and there is a lot more to it all. You couldn't write a book on it because the plot line would be too hard to follow!




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