Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Socialist Extinction Plan?

Written By D.

Don’t let the word “Social” in Socialist fool you. Let’s face it, Socialists like people’s money, but they just do not like the people they take it from …they especially don’t like children because funding programs for non-voters is a waste of perfectly good taxpayer booty. And, after all, children also do not produce goods and services that can be taxed. So, from a Socialists point of view, children are worthless.

Pelosi’s plans seem to include a lot less children, I guess that’s so Socialists won’t have to waste their taxpayer booty on them.
Now you might think this is a new idea that Pelosi seems to have embraced, but not so, Socialists have had it in for children for a very long time …

Here’s three quotes regarding Communist attitudes towards having children from Whittaker Chambers' book Witness;

“And what right had any man or woman to bring children into the 20th-century


“One extreme group among the Communists held that it was morally wrong for
a professional revolutionist to have children at all.”


“Abortion was a commonplace of party life. There were Communist doctors who
rendered that service for a small fee.”

Socialists do all in their power to reduce birthrates. That is why, in part, the birthrates in Socialist countries are so low. Only problem with the plan for Socialists is that most of the prevented births and abortions will be of future red diaper babies and their numbers will dwindle, until just us Conservative taxpayers are left. Oops! I’d say it was a very poorly thought out plan. That’s the Socialists for you, always taking the short sighted view and not very bright.

"Grandma" Pelosi, now that seems ironic, doesn't it?

2 Comentários:

Mel said...

Pelosi is a dangerous woman that has power, frightening to be sure...

Your comments are spot on

Anonymous said...

I think Pelosi is Margaret Sanger reincarnated.



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