Friday, January 9, 2009

The Six Degrees of “Democrat” Separation

Written By D.

Yep, I was out hunting for the degrees of separation of party affiliation in this AP article entitled;

“Baltimore mayor indicted on theft, perjury charges”

Of course, it was in Baltimore (first degree of separation,) so I strongly suspected it had to be a Democrat Mayor who was indicted on theft (second degree of separation) and perjury (third degree of separation) charges. The real “Democrat” affiliation tip off for me was the flattering photo (fourth degree of separation) and the quote by Mayor Dixon in paragraph four; “I am being unfairly accused.”(fifth degree of separation) Then I knew it was a Democrat for sure, but I hung in there until I reached the final degree of separation and the Mayor's Democrat party affiliation was finally revealed to me in the sixth paragraph.

Now if it had been a Republican, party affiliation as well as the politician’s name would probably have been in the headline and it would have probably also been accompanied by the most awful photo they could find. Zero degrees of separation!

2 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

They'd have picture of the kids, wife and family dog displayed for all to know and the chance to be ridiculed in public...if they were a Republican.

I cry elbuoddouble standard!

Jibreel Riley said...

thats some great inside, this needs to get published



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