Friday, January 23, 2009

NY Gov’s Shrewd Move; "Palin Light"

Written By D.

Liberal NYC Dems are not happy with Gov Paterson’s apparent choice of Hillary’s Senate replacement.

But I’d say it was a very politically astute move on his part. Appointing US Rep. Gillibrand, a moderate Democrat who was elected in a traditionally Republican district throws NY State moderate Democrats and RINOS a political bone. These Upstate folks have got to be uncomfortable with the off the wall behavior of the far left bordering on absolute lunacy, but Gillibrand is their kind of Democrat ... non threatening.

The NYC Dems should be thanking Paterson because he might be the only Democrat in NY, or the country for that matter, who “gets it.” Paterson is giving the Democrats of his state and country “Palin Light.” He apparently understands the attraction that millions of Americans have for Palin as the persona of “every woman.” Now the Democrats will have an “every woman” of their very own. They should be celebrating. Of course no one said Libs were the brightest of bulbs, but the benefits may eventually become apparent even to them.

Since Palin has already run the interference and suffered the slings and arrows of “hunting,” “lacking experience” and “motherhood” Gillibrand can cruise into the spot without so much as a scratch from the msm, despite her centrist Democrat credentials. Paterson will send a strong moderate message to the voters of NY, the great majority of them are probably very relieved he did not choose Caroline or the other Leftos on the list.

I know a smart political move when I see it.

2 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure upstate NY is relieved, since that is where the Republicans are...but man oh man, I bet it was fun on the Upper Eastside, when they found out that their girl was opting out.

Too bad, Palin had to be that fall guy, though.

D said...

The politics of this move are awesome. I gotta hand it to Paterson. My new post explains some of the details.



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