Monday, January 19, 2009

Nothing But Blue Skies Ahead

Written By D.

No, the world won’t be singing in perfect harmony. The doves of peace won’t make any more inroads than they have before.

BUT … it will seem that way.

Now that a Liberal Democrat is becoming President, the msm will make it sound as if all our worldly troubles have disappeared.

And these are the times that will try the minds of petty dictators. In their endless quest for msm attention all they had to do to get attention was criticize Bush and blame our Democratic/Capitalistic system for their personal failures and the msm would hang on their every word. Socialist movie stars would flock to their side in support and there was no end to the attentions paid them.

If they think low oil prices are ruining them politically, these petty dictators are about to fall on really hard times. It has already started. The effigy burnings in Iran of the Pres-Elect were not widely reported. Chavez’s paranoid criticism of the Pres-Elect was also not widely reported.
These same dictators were huge supporters of the Pres-Elect during the campaign and were deliriously happy when he was elected. I guess they should have been more careful of what they wished for, because now the msm has a vested interest in running cover for any of their negative or critical comments aimed at the Pres-Elect.

The petty dictators are going to find it much harder to get any public attention when criticizing U.S. policy. They will have to rely on European news outlets to get the story out and let’s face it most Americans don’t read Euro news. So they will remain blissfully ignorant of the latest info coming from the petty dictator information super highway. It is akin to; “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” well; “If a petty dictator goes on an anti-American rant and the msm doesn’t print it, does it count?” Heaven only knows what dangerous stunts they will try to pull to feed their U.S. media attention seeking egos.

Suddenly the msm is going to make the world seem like a much more peaceful place. But in reality it will be the same old war weary place with the same divisions and hatreds. The petty dictators will still be spewing their lies and blaming our country for their own failures. The only difference is we just won’t be told about it or the story will be buried on the back pages. And whereas the msm blamed every woe in the world on Bush, now all woes will be directed away from the new administration. Any military action taken by the Pres-Elect will become noble and necessary, free of anti-war protests.

Consider it a “bad news blackout” for the next four years. No famine, No disease, No poverty, No petty dictators, No world tensions, No U.S. bashing, No nuclear threats, No protests, No environmental crisis, No criticism of the U.S. from Socialist movie stars …

Just blue skies ahead in Liberal La La Land.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness our Kumbaya moment in the sun has come...Not! Goodness, what will Chris Matthews do to get a rating of any sort...I know, bash Palin! Thank goodness the few and far between good people of PA won't have him running for Senator!

I'm sorry, I have to say few and far between good people of PA, since so many of the not so good and far between still voted for Murtha. There are some seriously stupid people in PA...seriously.



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