Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Written By D.

1. I woke up this morning, looked out the window and no new car was in my driveway. My refrigerator had not been filled with food and I still had to write the checks to pay my bills because they did not disappear. My investments were worth less due to yesterday’s post speech stock plunge and I’m sure my share of the national debt increased. So I asked myself the “Reagan question” only modified; "Are you better off today than you were yesterday?" Nope.

2. The big question will be whether or not we will all be better off four years from now? I’m guessing not.

3. A “stay classy” moment, much to my amusement. Hot Air, bless their hearts, posted this video clip from ABC on their website; of the Carters and Clintons apparently snubbing each other at the inaugural. It was hard to tell who seemed to snub who and I give it a -5 on the Presidential greatness charts. Hey maybe it just needs a peace process. O could bring them both to Camp David and shuttle between cabins, replicating Carter’s “All you need is love theme” holding hands with them until there is a breakthrough. There could be a Noble Peace prize in it. Of course the Carter Love In didn’t work out real well over the long term, especially for Sadat.

4. The msm is having an “adjective overdose moment.”Unfortunately, it is not going to go away. They are all beginning to sound like society page writers due to the apparent lack of journalistic integrity. Be prepared for; Grace, Humor, Wit, Style, Class … and all sorts of gush … just don’t expect any serious reporting, we are on our own for that kind of news.

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