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Don’t Blame God

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Land is not holy, God is holy. Temples, walls and shrines are not holy, God is holy. Cities are not holy, God is holy. War is not holy, God is holy.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all believe in one God. Christianity and Islam are rooted in Judaism. Yet, each believes they are the true religion.

Each of these religions preach love and tolerance, none are very good at practicing it.

Christianity was formed around the teachings of one individual Jewish prophet. Islamic religion was formed as a uniting force.

We delude ourselves if we believe there will be an end to violence in the name of God. Violence committed in God’s name is really not about him at all. It is about the tribal nature of humans and how those tribes seek to impose their will on others because of their own insecurities and aggression. And we are no more enlightened or advanced in the matter of achieving religious tolerance than we were thousands of years ago, despite all the intellectual study. That is because we are foolish enough to actually believe the violence has anything to do with religion.

The same battles rage on, each claiming God is on their side, I can’t remember a war in the past several hundred years that has been fought where one or both sides failed to drag God into it. There really is no good solution. In regards to the Middle East, many politicians have tried to offer a solution, all have failed and most have just made the situation worse.

Hate is a powerful emotion and when combined with the name of God it becomes a powder keg. Justification for violence in the name of God is merely cover and a refusal to accept the real human motivations behind it. Those motivations mostly boil down to power struggles that have nothing to do with religion.

It is impossible to address the root of the fears and insecurities of man that cause him to choose violence as a solution as long as God is used for cover. A problem cannot be solved if those who have it refuse to recognize the problem for what it is and I don’t see much that has anything to do with God in the Middle East.

In the Middle East, God is simply being used to rally Muslims against Jews and Christians, the excuse is an injustice against Palestinians. But the Palestinians are merely the pawns who do most of the dying. Iran is pulling the strings. They act as though it is a Holy War being fought over a Holy Land, but it is really just another power struggle aimed at focusing hatred in a certain direction. But then, no one would get very excited about it or be so quick to die for it without the word “Holy” added into the mix.

The greater problem is the game we could call “Ultimate World Chess” that preys upon these disagreements. The motivations of these parties are purely selfish and they take the side that benefits them the most to increase the chances of survival of those in power.

That is why you are not hearing real protest from most of the Middle East. They’ve proved more than once that they really don’t care about the fate of the Palestinians and Iran is a greater threat to them than Israel, so they are probably hoping Israel eliminates the problem of Iranian backed Hamas terror. Iran is under the serious possibility of political and economic collapse and rallying support for Palestinians based on religious war in Gaza deflects attention from their internal problems.

Of course, should it benefit any of the parties involved, they will not hesitate to shift allegiances as necessary for whatever gain they seek.

That is why, for instance, The Soviet Union was able to form a non-aggression pact with Germany, but when invaded by Germany in WWII, they joined the Allies. And after the war, they became our enemy over ideology, which is the Communist’s version of religion.

Speaking of Atheists …

Atheists often make the argument that a world without God would be more peaceful. But the Soviet Union proves that Godless states use ideology and cult of personality, in place of God to achieve the same results.

As long as tribes of men are willing to be manipulated by fear and hate mongering leaders, there will be wars. As long as man holds earthly possessions and objects out to be holy and worth fighting for, there will be wars. As long as we allow our insecurities to get the better of our intellect, there will be wars.

So don’t blame God for the fighting in his name, blame the way man has interpreted and used God for his earthly purposes.

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