Friday, January 9, 2009

Want to run for Congress in 2010?

Written By D.

Gals, if any of you ever dreamed of running for Congress, 2010 may be your best chance.

Why? Because GOP candidate recruitment is as likely to as low as their moral right now and you won’t get the normal rush of lower level “risk adverse” career politicians seeking to move up. It just won’t be as difficult to get on a ticket in areas where a Democrat incumbent currently holds the seat. These are the conditions that are ripe for newcomers, especially women newcomers. There is opportunity in defeat, which never exists in victory.

You’ll need the backing of the party. Call the GOP County Chairman/men within your Congressional District and express an interest in running and be prepared to sell him on your qualifications and abilities. If he is interested, he will advise you and open doors for you that will assist in winning the party nomination which gets you the ballot line and party support.

But you must start now. It takes a lot of groundwork, planning, fundraising and campaigning to become a viable candidate. Chances are you will not win the first time so you should be willing to run more than once. That is how many, now famous, politicians got their start.

When the odds in politics become longer, there are fewer people willing to risk taking them. But for those who are willing to go for it, the reward can be all the sweeter. Campaigns are a lot like horse racing, anything can happen during the race. Racing fans know that, most of the time, the favorite wins but long shots occasionally do win.

If you lose, but a make a good showing and earn the respect of the party, you will be surprised at the opportunities that might come your way as a result. If you take the long view, winning and losing are not always as clear cut as they seem.

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