Thursday, January 1, 2009

Too Little Too Late

Written By D.

The RNC Party Vice-Chairman, James Bopp, Jr. submitted a resolution opposing bailouts. Those members who signed it say we are heading toward Socialism! They urge no more bailouts.

WOW! I’m impressed. You mean they just figured out what the majority of Americans already knew and opposed? No wonder we are the minority party.

Hey, and what about that Socialism? We have been going down that path since at least 1913 and they just noticed. Got news, we are already there. What is the Federal Government doing funding Social Welfare programs? This is not the job of a Federal Government based in Democracy. They’re Socialist programs. If we aren’t Socialist, what are we? We certainly aren’t anything our founding fathers would have recognized as a Democracy with a capitalistic free economy.

In case anyone at the RNC hadn’t noticed, the Constitution has been trampled on so much we have become the nanny state. Where ya been fellas?

It is admirable that you oppose bailouts, but the fox has already raided the chicken coop. So you are going to have to do better than that.

I have some suggestions for RNC resolutions. How about limited Federal Government? In case anyone forgot what that is, go back to the pre-Lincoln the Whig as RINO days and check it out.

Something simple will do, like a strict interpretation of the Constitution and States Rights. While you are at it how about eliminating Social Welfare programs with a firm date for their eventual expiration. Leave social issues for the State and local governments to handle as they see fit.

How about supporting a cap on all federal income taxes to a maximum of 10% - with no deductions and every worker pays? That’s all the money that the Federal Government gets and that’s what they get to spend, so use it wisely, like for national defense. How about making pork spending illegal? How about we borrow a Wal-Mart ad slogan and apply it to eliminating all the really stupid laws and regulations, calling it “Roll-Back Days.” We could even put up smiley faces every time a worthless regulation is repealed.

Or how about just prove you are serious and grow a real Conservative backbone, finally stepping up and standing up to the liberals and their agenda, no more compromises, no more backing down. I’d settle for that.

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