Saturday, January 3, 2009

Recipe for Disaster

Written By D.


1 Democrat President

59 Democrat Senators (or 58 will do)

257 Democrat Congressmen

1 tablespoon of Pelosi (added a little bit at a time)

A dash of Reid (don’t inhale)

½ cup Blago with some Rahm cut in

¼ cup Barney Frank

A teaspoon each of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela and Gaza

A liberal sprinkling of trillions of dollars in national debt

Note on Substitutions: Any Kennedy can be appointed in substitution for an ingredient of your choice listed above.

It is very important that you add all ingredients together at once and mix it thoroughly.

Grease the palms carefully and spread the wealth into a very deep pan. Sneak it into the oven as possible and don’t make any sudden noises, because it will deflate quickly. Bake it at 4 trillion degrees, or 5 or 6 trillion for four years.

Remove from oven, and cool quickly in order to prevent over inflated rising.

Serve chilled, best when eaten with crow. It is hard to swallow, but you get used to it. I’m told it tastes just like chicken. Enjoy!

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